AsianCakes And Desserts (Asian)

durian roti jala

sticky rice with wild durian
ondeh ondeh
bubur chacha
nyon gow
santan taro paste, orh nee
green tea bean roll
durian fresh cream cake
waterchestnut jelly, ma ti gao
jelly oranges
marylou's buco salad
thai candied cassava, montad chuame
frutti daifuku
pandan chiffon cake
bingka sarang semut, honeycomb cake
tub tim grob
mocha n coconut milk agar
taro and black rice soup
sago gula melaka
bak tong go
sharon's mom taro kuih
durian meringue cake
roselle cordial
ginger milk custard
kuih makmur
jin dui, sesame balls
roti kahwin (non recipe
flora's chi fa bun
sugar pattern transfers (non recipe)
steamed sesame nian gao
sweet pumpkin soup with ice cream
soy milk chiffon
kuih serimuka
pineapple flowers

Egg Dishes

Savory Egg Custard With Topping
meat-filled egg triangles
egg flower soup
scrambled eggs with shao xing wine
durian pillows
savory egg custard with clams

Main :Beef (Asian)

kalbi jim
bud chives with beef
making springy meatballs
gyu the cow (wagyu steak)
steamed beef & waterchestnut patty
taiwan beef soup
stir-fried beef and heirloom tomatoes
stir fried mustard greens with beef
japanese curry
macanese minchi

Main: Birds (Asian)

white-chopped chicken
easy butter chicken
yakitori chicken
dry chicken curry
viet-thai chicken
steamed chicken with sliced ham
cola wings
easy herbal chicken
drunken chicken
steamed chicken with chinese ham n mushrooms
best soy chicken
hainan chicken rice
super yummy soy sauce duck
tashreeb chicken,
 tofu boks n glass noodles stew
sandstorm/windsand chicken
mouthwatering chicken
karaage chicken
duck breasts in hoisin-plum sauce
gong bao ji ding
ginger soy sauce duck breasts
season's fried chicken

Main: Pork (Asian)

nam yue pork & wood ears
grilled nam yue pork belly
hung shao yuen ti
winter cured meat
meat rolls
spare ribs with sour plums
braised bamboo shoots & pork
fried three strips
pork leg with soy beans
hakka pork egg roll
dongpo pork
smoked pork belly with salted black beans
marmite pork
steamed salted fish & pork
lion heads, shi zi tou
tied pork knuckle
soy sauce pork cubes
braised pork ribs & bittergourd
sweet & sour pork
deep-fried nam yue pork
sichuan twice-cooked pork
jujiao xuan, pork leg in sweet vinegar
moo waan, thai glazed pork
crispy roasted pork, shao rou
sichuan mei cai kou rou
amc cha sao
baked pork ribs
steamed pork & salted eggs
sichuan garlic sliced pork
hakka yong tau foo
hakka cha sao omellette
filipino crispy pata
jing du ribs
chi gu n pork with nam yue
steamed pork ribs with black beans
baby back ribs with soy sauce
okra & pork belly rolls
pork belly & kim chi stir fry
best hong saoro
macanese minchi
stewed pork leg with soy beans (Japanese)
roasted pork belly with crackling
mi zi ribs

Main: Seafood (Asian)

golden dried oysters patties
ginger spring onions clams
abalone & kailan
long bean 'nests' stuffed with fish paste
sabah mackeral with miso
steamed fish teochew style
salt-fried prawns
golden garlic black cod
hangzhou westlake vinegar fish
lou sang (yee sang), cny raw fish salad
fish paste, balls & cakes
stuffed crab claws
cantonese steamed fish, restaurant style
ginger spring onions crabs
shanghainese soy sauce wine prawns
lotus root patties
seafood tempura
fried tamarind prawns
hinava, kadazan ceviche
hinava, borneon ceviche
yue foo, fish omelettes
dried oysters fatt choi
clay pot crabs with glass noodles
fish pieces in soy sauce
cereal prawns
sweet & sour fish
prawns and macadamias stir fry
savory egg custard with clams
black pomfret in garlic oil
fish head and taro claypot
tiger prawns in rice wine

Rice & Noodles

corned beef noodles
korean jja jang myun
ming's pasta
tuaran mee
dried-fried beef noodles
cheese-baked rice a la king
doll/instant noodles
cold noodles with peanut butter/sesame paste
fried assam laksa
chili hot ddeok
zhongzi, glutinous rice dumplings
kl hokkien mee
xia mee chong mien, dried shrimps noodles
wat dan ho, soupy flat rice noodles
making flat rice noodles
ding bian hu
bacon fried rice
cashew nuts & raisins rice
hakka lei cha
congee, fely's way
men tiao, noodle strands
chinese rice wine chicken & noodles
fish head noodles
singapore fried noodles
pineapple fried rice
taro rice
japchae, korean noodles
bun mien, wheat flour 'pulled' noodles
superb home-made soup noodles
fried mifen
zaru soba, japanese buckwheat noodles
cai fun, shanghainese veg rice
chao nien gao, fried shanghainese glutinous rice sticks
sichuan noodles
sichuan chao shou
wontons in instant soup
clay pot crabs with glass noodles
shanghai sticky rice sticks
fried rice noodles with bittergourd
rm5.80 noodles
iced summer somen
packet sg laksa
cantonese zhongz
ilamb n cumin fried rice
hangzhou pian er chuan noodles
taro and pork ribs congee

One Pot Cooking

corned beef noodles
3-mushrooms claypot rice
coriander chicken rice
dolsot bi bim bap
nasi lemak ('oily rice')
chicken claypot rice
oden,japanese mixed stew
chinese steam boat
yosenabe, japanese stew at the table
cai fun, shanghainese veg rice
salty chicken
taro & pork ribs congee

Snacks, Starters & Sides
arrowroot chips
sesame seaweed chips
golden dried oysters patties
hot chili ddeok
century eggs with silken tofu
stir-fried douban, fava beans
chinese baos
krill fritters
soba sushi
shanghainese chi fan
inside-out tofu boks
hakka yong tau foo
maki sushi
chawan mushi
sichuan chao shou
chung you rou bing, scallion n pork mince pancakes
shuijiao & guotie
chinese radish cake
kwan aunty's prawn crackers
yue foo, fish omelettes
pearl rice balls
mitarashi dango
fried wontons 101
stuffed veg & tofu balls
wontons in instant soup
lotus root patties
gamja jeon, korean potato pancakes
scallion pancakes
kedongdong juice
peking duck pancakes
flower buns
spiral taro mooncakes (non recipe)
cantonese zhongzi

Soups & Sauces

shanghainese winter melon soup
homemade hot sauce
lotus root soup
hot & sour soup perfected
dried bak choy soup
white radish beef ribs soup
ma's lu song tang
shanghainese big bean sprouts & tomatoes soup
khong aunty's cny prosperity soup
samgaetang, korean ginseng chicken soup
yukgaejang, korean spicy beef tripe soup
rice wine with eggs
snacks for the family (non recipe)
tomato egg flower soup
kim chi, veg & beef soup
gunxi tang


healthy shanghainese meals
stir-fried gaobak
steamed whole chinese cabbage
la rou with celery
abalone & kailan
kelp salad
long bean 'nests' stuffed with fish paste
di san xian, earth three fresh
bud chives with beef
cabbage, dried shrimps & glass noodles stir-fry
fried three strips
stir-fried douban, fava beans
tomato-egg stir-fry
celery stir-fry
cny vegetarian zhai
yee sang, cny tossed salad
linda's 4-winged beans salad
momoya seaweed paste okra
cold bittergourd
japanese potato salad
frozen tofu n bak choy
suan la bao cai, fried sour hot cabbage
unripe mango salad
4 winged beans n 2 kinds of prawns
chin aunty's fatt choy mushrooms
thai beef salad
veg acar
fried sayur manis
lettuce wraps
pumpkin japanese style
fried choy sum, beaufort-style
dry tofu n celery salad
bittergourd with tomatoes
spicy potato sticks
stir-fried blanched little kailan
brinjals alba
wine-flavored stir-fried greens
xue cai with winter bamboo
goji leaves with egg

Make Your Own/How To

how to season a wok
rice wine
salted mustard greens, sabah-style
chinese baos/buns/rolls
pineapple flowers

WesternBread & Brekkies

piggy & chicken in a basket
multigrain bread
french toast
pita bread
homemade fresh sausages
german pancakes
cheese garlic biscuits
green eggs
cheese & onion bread
egg sandwich
crumpets with mascarpone
soft sesame seeds buns
garlic butter buns
bacon & eggs pizza
cheese toasties
spanish brekkie omelette
best panettone ever
eggs florentine, sort of

Cakes and Desserts

mile high scones
summer pudding
creme brulee
mango fresh cream cake
cream cheese raisin pound cake
old-fashioned butter cake
nearly flourless cake
junior's new york cheesecake
dulce de leche
lemon cream cake
hershey's black magic cake
banana choc cake
best molten choc cake
durian fresh cream cake
lattice-top apple pie
apple cake
rory lion cake
black forest gateaux
pistachio cake with white choc frosting
supermoist choc cake
panna cotta
mango cheesecake
flower pot ice cream cake
scones and scons 
 broken glass
cherry choc fresh cream cake
rhubarb crumble
zheyuan's rory lion cake
pine nut tart
pecan ricotta tart 
megan's nemo cake
ricotta blueberry muffins
bountiful fresh fruit n cream cake
blueberry fresh cream cake
choc rum truffles
banana choc hazelnut cake
lemon lamingtons
cheat's ice cream
best molten choc cake
perfect macha (light) cheesecake
sicilian cassata cake
rose chiffon cake
red velvet cupcakes
choc banana cake
wedding anniversary cupcakes (non-recipe)
pears poached in red wine
sticky date cake
weepy pavs
sweet success: pavlova
hummingbird cake
heavenly eggless tiramisu
vanilla cupcakes bake off
rose water panna cotta with apple compote
meter cake
soy milk chiffon
ultra lemon cake
decorated swiss roll
whipped cream cake (non-recipe)
japanese strawberry shortcake
pineapple flowers
salted caramel cake


pecan ginger shortbread cookie
salmond sandy cookies
linzer cookies

eggs florentine

Jelliriffic! Challenge

pink guava sherbet sorbet
poached pears wine & mascarpone jelly
green butter
spice pyramid
jelly kinabalu
almost ispahan
3 in 1durian ille flotantte
sashimi ice cone
very angry bird
coconut panna cotta with sugar nest
pink ribbon almond tofu
traffic cone
summer jelly
mt purple
broken hearts
zebra cheesecake cone
black eggs & tofu
cosmopolitan pink lady
lemongrass coconut mousse
united colors of jello
jackfruit custard with passionfruit sauce
babao fan
drunken cones
pink velvet molten choc cake
o christmas trees
mt jelliriffic!
breast cancer myths & facts
jelliriffic prize presentation

Main: Beef 

saltimbocca alla romano
wagyu steaks
short ribs in tomato sauce

Main: Birds 

saltimbocca alla romano (adapted for non-pork n beef eaters)
turkey with chestnuts stuffing
buffalo wings
chicken a la king
portuguese chicken
easy roasted chicken
roasted garlic chicken & pumpkin
turkey pie & a perfect crust

Main: Lamb

roasted leg of lamb

Main: Pork 

saltimbocca alla romano
homemade sausage patties
parmesan pork chops
bacon explosion

Main: Seafood 

beer-battered seafood
prawns etouffee
pan-fried fish with orange-raisin sauce
italian tomato-garlic prawns
butter-garlic scallops
salt & pepper squid

Pasta & Pizzas

pizza fritta
ming's pasta
bucatini with clams
making pasta
pesto pasta
cheat's fusion ravioli
rocket-parma ham pizza
skinny lasagne
carbonara sauce
alfredo pasta
pasta con sardefazzoletti di seta al pesto

Pies, Tarts & Quiches

mushroom cottage  pie
smoked salmon & asparagus tart
a very very good cottage pie
chicken n onion leek pie
yatala pies (non-recipe)
salmon-bacon quiche
turkey pie & a perfect crust

Salads & Veggies

spanish potatoes
mil's classic potato salad
potato galettes
crashed hot potatoes
rock melon salad
whole grain mustard salad dressing
honey mustard salad dressing
smashed celeriac 
insalata caprese
hasselback potatoes
avocado potato prawn salad
belgian endives n haau gratin

Snacks, Starters & Sides
pizza fritta
monte cristo sandwich
homemade sausage patties
potato galettes
suppli al telefono
cheese toasties
turkey pie & a perfect crust

Soups & Sauces

balsamic glace
ming's beef, mushroom & mixed beans soup
black pepper sauce
zuppa de mare
chicken noodle soup
whole grain mustard dressing
honey mustard dressing
pumpkin soup 
spicy red lentils & barley soup

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