Saturday, September 1, 2007

Trees For Free


Just trying. If any of you know the Mayor of KK, or any tree enthusiasts, we have 10-year old raintrees to give away. Upto 5 of them, so Hub will still have a beloved one or two left in the garden. He loves his big trees, so do I and all surprised visitors because we live in an area still zoned under KK District.

The trees have grown so big, my FIL insists their roots are going to uproot the house. I just don't want to see them cut down, killed, after ten years. Trees, as Wey will tell you, make oxygen for us and take in carbon dioxide. They provide shade for us and home for those beautiful blue kingfishers I see very morning flying from tree to tree. Years ago about half a dozen big green and red parrots visited our trees daily.

Picture 025a
This cutie flew in around 6:30 am one morning. His feathers were almost irisdescent blue, torquoise and green. Awesome.

I love the big raintrees in Singapore that line the roads, parks and every available land they have. In KK, they either don't plant trees or they plant those shadeless palm trees (try driving to UMS). This is Borneo, land of hundreds of thousands of tropical flora and fauna species and yet the city is bare. It's a shame! One of the most upsetting recent development is the Harbour City project in front of the Sutera Resort. That whole road can be a beautiful tree-lined boulevard, from the new flyover at Wawasan to the traffic lights to Kepayan but the new mall being built suddenly came up to the edge of the road, making it impossible for the road to be extended in future, let alone plant trees. Now that I'm on this topic, did you notice how Warisan Square just 'eats' onto the road?? And that multi-storey carpark in Lintas Plaza? Don't we have zoning?

What? Oh yes, I'm supposed to write on food. Remember, trees for free here but you have to dig them up yourself. Anyone? Any suggestion? Be a shame, no,a crime, to have to cut them down.


Anonymous said...

If I can arrange for the dig, can u shipped one to Mississauga? Sadly I have no room for them here. Those are magnificent trees uhg. Ur lucky to have room for them. I love big trees too. I was snapping pictures of big trees everywhere I see them around KK: @ Beach hotel, Nexus resort & Tauran. I’m in owed every time I see them. Kamlie thinks I’m nuts. Good luck finding a few takers. Hate to see them chopped up.

Shan said...

Shame about your trees. I see what you meant the other night.

Yes KK is horribly concrete considering we are in Borneo. Singapore city is a lot greener by comparison in my opinion.

Guess it all boils down to how much money can be made in contracts to supply useless but costly little shrubs.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

mike:i share yr love for big trees. have u noticed tt many big tropical trees flower?there's d one with d purple flowers (one or two still standing at Karamunsing), then there's d beautiful 'golden shower', d 'Miss Hong Kong', d one tt gives red flowers...d sad thing is they are so neglected.

shan: well said. if Spore is kiasu, so r we. we can pick up so much landscaping tips fm 'd little red dot' but no, d authorities just can't bring themselves to learn fm Spore, just bc it is Spore. i was at alam mesra recently n was shocked to learn tt d project belongs to borneo's famous environmentalist. d whole mangrove area has been leveled, filled and made into a giant maze of shops. in compensation, a few big trees were planted for d thousands of plants, trees n animals tt were destroyed.ur're right, it all boils down to $.

red | hongyi said...

the kingfisher looks like it was stunned by the flash

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you have here.

I love rainforest trees. They are so majestic and beautiful. When I was little, that was this particular beautiful rainforest tree in my school that I loved so much - it gave us shades and lots of red sees that we collected and played games with it.

You are right that S'pore is kiasu but S'pore is willing to learn from others and adopt what works best for their country.

It's such a shame that they razed the whole mangrove down and what is worst is that it is done by an environmentalist. Now that is shocking.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yi:it didn't move for quite a while. it was so terrified. i'm so makes me lauch to c it's 'face', so stunned. we managed to lead it out of d hse.

ninja: all d way fm France!bonjour!i just visited ur site;lovely photos n recipes!
no, rain trees don't give red seeds. i know d seeds u r talking about, c them in certain Spore streets.i used to play w them as well!how simple we were, playing games w seeds!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yi: 'laugh'

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