Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Japan: Tokyo Disneyland

May 2005

It was drizzling but Bob in his cool and wise way said it was the perfect day to spend in Disneyland. Obediently we set out in the rain with umbrellas and plastic ponchos. The rain got heavier but we were by then nearer to the subway station than the house.

More than an hour later, we got off , so excited. The Disneyland gate, the buildings, the rides and everything beyond! That Bob, he was right. No rain, no sun (no pigmentation ladies!) but best of all, no lines! Even if there was, FastPass did the trick.

Disneyland reduces us grown-ups into silly, excited, bright-eyed tots twitching impatiently to get into Mickey's house, going for the second ride in Pooh's Hunny Hunt, even risking our hearts in Space Mountain. For one day, we are our kids' age, pastel pink and blue become our favorite colors and everybody's so happy they forget to quarrel.

Tokyo Disneyland

We had the best guide, Kimmie! She's been there countless times and she saved us a lot of walking because she knew the park so well. This is one person I'd choose to be on an island (not necessarily deserted though--escape clause) with--she's heaps of joy and fun!


You go there and the rest of the day your head will go "Its a small world after all, it's..." My boys loved Tomorrowland. We all did. It's the best land there. Why is it Adventureland and Westernland are always under renovation, in any Disneyland? They might as well close these two lands. They definately have to close Critters Country. Yawn.

Mickey's house. Or was it Minnie's?

Inside Mickey's house.


What's it about an old duck that makes people so happy??

Japanese schoolgirls


Brings the best out of everyone!

The Parade of Dreams

The Parade of Dreams is good (around 7pm, on Main Street), but if you are in Disneyland, stay back till 9 pm for the highlights, The Electrical Parade 'Dreamlights' and the fireworks. It's truly magical and the best show of all. It made me wish we could live in Disneyland forever. It's that fantastic but I have no pictures to show because the camera battery ran out.

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Wey looks so much like Nam Su in the last picture

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