Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let Him Eat Gourd!

Hubby came home for lunch unexpectedly. Nothing available, not even leftovers. Then I remembered a dish my Filipino friend taught me years ago. Yes, bittergourd fried with tomatoes!


As I walked away from the dining table, Hub was eating and telling Wey (home because its exam week), "Look what your Ma cooked me! At least put in some fish slices," shaking his head sadly. I grinned ala Jack Nicholson and said "Some wives are serving bittergourd juice for brekkie! This is what you get for that higher-than-normal blood sugar reading recently!"

The bittergourd is supposed to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels. I try to cook this veg frequently, usually fried with thin slices of beef fillet, or stuffed with a pork-fish paste, and the whole family now loves it. Except Wey.

Seriously, this isn't as bad as you think. If you want the 'umami' or 'xien' taste, add in some chicken stock granules. Do not add water because the veg will have enough liquid. I find the sour-sweet taste of the tomatoes goes well with the bitterness of the gourd. Now does anybody still want to come for lunch?


James said...

Can also try adding shreds of stir-fried eggs to this dish to give it a bit more flavour, although admittedly this makes it less "healthy" in a way.

James Lau

Terri Hong said...

James! Welcome 2 my blog! Yes, I'll do that 2morrow;he's gonna weep. N pls tell Queenie I need tt pic she took of the choc cake.

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