Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Japan: Ginza

May 2005

The commercial property in Ginza, Tokyo is one of the most expensive in the world. However, its not that frightening. You can still have a good lunch, buy a couple of leather belts and accessories like I did in the top departmental stores such as Mitsukoshi, and still live to write about it. Just stay away from those expensive cafes and don't eat dinner there.


Just like any CBD, but better. There are art galleries, cafes, lots of major departmental stores (Matsuya, Printemps, Matsuzakaya, Seibu...), boutiques, restaurants and some florists shops that had beautiful flowers of unusual colors and outstanding arrangements.

Sony Building

You can spend a couple of hours here gawking at the latest Sony products and inventions. Even I came out awed. And tired.

Kabukiza Theatre

Sushi platter

We found a place where we could have an oil-free lunch of sushi, udon and chawan mushi while the boys went downstairs to a fancy restaurant for soba and tempura.




I love the backstreets with their little shops. There's so much to see even if you don't buy. By the way, the weekend is the best time to stroll Ginza as the main promenade is closed to traffic.

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