Monday, June 25, 2007

Come Eat With Us: Char Chan Teng HK Restaurant

I had to charm Hubby into this restaurant because he didn't want to eat food that's "not western not eastern", which is what these new-style chinese restaurants serve. However, we were surprised because the food was actually good, albeit the prices a little high, especially the fancy colorful drinks which were merely color, flavor and soda water.

Char Chan Teng, located at Warisan Square.

Em..doesn't 'char' mean lousy and 'chan teng' restaurant??

Noodles with Sichuan preserved veg and deep-fried pork ribs

Very simple, light but tasty. RM7.90 (US$2.30) . Its easy to cook at home too; will give recipe soon!

Fried noodles with beef

Yummy. RM8.90 (US$2.50--I give prices in USD because somebody on Food Forum asked me to do so).

Now that was last week. Yesterday, I went back with a bigger group and was duly disappointed. Maybe the cook was different.

Seafood cheese riceRM12.90 (US$3.70)

Megan said "Tastes good".


I'm not sure what it says on the menu but Sheila said "Doesn't taste good!" and I can see so.RM22.90 (US$6.50), comes with a drink.

Curry udonRM12.90

Ming said "It's okay lah!"

Soupy flat noodles with beefRM8.90

I say "Okay but the dry noodles with beef last week was much better!"

So again, as with many restaurants here, the food's not consistent. Let's be nice and give it 7/10.


Shan said...

Hi there - am very pleased to come across another KK blogger. Your photos look great and I'm a huge foodie fan too.
Thanks for the recommendation on the HK restaurant. Will try to give it a shot too :)

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

hi! me too, happy now i know another KK blogger! yay! have u tried Welcome Res.? most of the ppl who tried it after my review (see May's posts) love it.

Shan said...

Yes I was actually going to ask you about that one!

Food looks great - whereabouts is it exactly? And what time would be the best time to go for dinner on a weekday?

Shan said...

Oh sorry - just read about it being behind supertanker :)

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

u shd go before 7 b/c. recently they r always out of crabs by the time we get there about 7:30.*sigh*

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