Saturday, June 2, 2007

Come Eat With Us: Fresh Pork Noodles

The best sangyuk meen (fresh pork noodles) in town has got to be Kedai Kopi Kah Hing's in Taman Mesra, Penampang (right turn before the corner to KK High School). I've tried other places (eg those in Lintas) and found their soup to be either too sugar-sweet, or thin, and the meat sliced too small. You can tell that the soup at Kah Hing has been boiled for hours and is full of porky goodness because its always tasty and cloudy. I'm not sure if the soup is as good for breakfast because I only go there for lunch.


Fresh pork rice vermicelli

You can go the whole nine yards and have all the pig's innards (liver, kidneys, intestines...) or go safe with the pork-octopus balls, pork-egg roll slices or just pork slices. One thing though, they are cutting the meat and stuff thinner than before...not a good sign. Go any thinner and there won't be any bite and they'll be like other sangyuk meen shops. Except for the soup.

Century egg and pork wonton

I think because I'm comparing this to the super tasty century egg-pork wontons in Sandakan I found this a little too 'flat' in terms of filling and too much wonton wrapper/skin. Kah Hing also serves stuffed tofu.

Another thing: this place was littered with used serviettes in and out of the shop. A real putoff for me. Nothwithstanding that, I'd still give their sangyuk meen an 8.5/10. Try it. Even their hot-sour chili is good.


Precious Pea said...

Hi there, first time visiting your blog and I love it. Will be visiting KK soon so your blog definately a good guide for good food. Keep up the good work.

terri said...

thnx! if u need any info or help, do contact me!

hongyi :o) said...


I'm so proud of you, Mrs. Hong!

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