Tuesday, July 24, 2007

1st Night Dinner, HK

James brought us to a special restaurant, tucked high up in an office building in Central. It serves Huaiyang/Jiangsu (Shanghainese, Nanjing, Yangzhou,Suzhou, cities along the delta of the Yangtze River) cuisine, especially Ning Po food. James' daughter had ordered everything from the menu and we just couldn't do justice to the wonderful spread because we had all those wontons.

Delicious combo of Nanjing-style xiansui duck, sliced pork (with dip) and one of my favorite, vegetarian 'duck', which is beancurd sheets with veg filling.

'Red-stewed' (braised) tendons.

Noticed we've been eating quite a bit of tendons on this trip?

Stewed pork leg with baicai

A yummy goes-with-rice dish. Makes me hungry just looking at it.

Goong bao chicken

This is not quite like the goong bao we had in Chengdu. It's almost like what we get in Malaysia, so I wasn't so hot about it.

Dry-fried french beans

Yummy ! Highly flavored with garlic and bean paste and the beans still have a good crunch.

Onion-oil pancake

This is different from the usual flaky onion-oil pancakes you get in Shanghai. The texture is more like humjimbang; Wish I could have some now.

Xiao loong bao

We were spoilt.

Stewed duck with leeks

Frankly, I was filled up to my eyeballs by now. Yi said if she eats anymore she'll explode all over the room...

Our hosts, Queenie and James (left) and Hub's auntie and uncle (right & back) outside the restaurant.

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raina said...

I am Sooooooo hungry now.

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