Friday, July 20, 2007

Bye Shenzhen!

Yi and I got up earlier than usual (9:30 am) so we can get to HK when the malls just open. However, at Luohu Center, where you go to take the train to HK and other places (remember, it's the largest immigration center, train staion, shopping center all rolled into one), we were waylaid. For those who have never been to Shenzhen, listen up! Don't waste your time in Dongmen or anywhere else, just stay put in the train station, go to the building called Louhu Commercial Plaza and get lost in it like we did, for 4 hours! In that time, we only covered one floor, the 3rd! That building is crazy, a floor for clothes, another for books, another for bags, another for electrical goods...I've never seen so many white people in China. They are all shopping at Louohu CP! I chatted with a guy from the US called Chance, and he knew much more about shopping in Shenzhen and China than I did.

Finally, exhausted even before we got to HK, we sat down for a light dimsum meal, and it was one of the best we've had.

Yee noodles with dried scallops and assorted mushrooms

What can I say? Can eat a whole plate by myself! Have you noticed that Cantonese food is not oily? I was happy to find that all the dishes we've eaten in Southern China were not overly salty, unlike Northern Chinese food, and I hardly tasted any msg. Restaurants in Malaysia cook with msg by the spoonfuls!


Bless the person who first made these!

Crispy fried squid tentacles

I can eat a wokful of this...

Plain rice cheongfun

In HK, do ask for 'cheongfun' and not 'geecheongfun' like we do in Malaysia. That's like asking for 'hamburger' instead for 'burger'. Not cool.

Bryan, there's drool on your keyboard!

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