Monday, July 2, 2007

Come Eat With Us: Five Sails, Sutera Magellan Hotel

In our opinion Five Sails serves the best Sunday buffet. I know Promenade gives a big spread for half the price but the last time I was there the cakes tasted of bad santan (coconut milk). I must say however that Five Sails' Sparkling Sunday Buffet used to be even better...I'm not a buffet person. Too many choices boggle my mind and tastebuds and buffets always look good but disappoint when I dig in because there's just too much variety.

The beautiful resort by the sea, 3 minutes from the city center

Salmon caviar patties


The bread is soooo goood!


Mini octopuses & flower crabs

Not in pic: oysters, mussels and prawns

Roasted meat section

The roasted beef and lamb were overdone.

Grilled crayfish



He loved the tortellini


The Drool Team said...

Oh my goodness!! Thats too much and by the look on Wey's face, he has had too much too ..

Shan said...

OMG I was there on sunday with 2 of my friends! We were sitting in the smoking area. Were you using a professional looking camera to take photos? Because if that was indeed you, we were watching you and we decided that you must be a blogger - just didn't know that was YOU!
Hehe! How funny :)

raina said...

Wow! The food looks absolutely delicious! I am full just by looking at them. Buffet is not for me though. I sure rugi. By the time I finish the bread and salad, I'll be 3/4 full already and there are still the main course and dessert. I always end up eating too much..way too much.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

shan: OMG! Yes it was indeed me but i was teetering on my 4 inch Jimmy Choos (as if!) so d pics were blur N my daughter took over...oh, i feel so tt u saw me but not me u!we were sitting with d sutera boss at d far end, d italian res. OMG, we could've hugged!Lol!
raina: u've summed up my feelings about buffet. d good thing is i don't do dinner after a buffet--we're all, except Wey, usually up to our eyeballs.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

Shan: hey, i think i saw u 2! u were with 2 guys? this is really funny!

Shan said...

Yes I was there with my friends Paul and Mior - T'was me indeed :)

Cheeyan said...

Hey... Terri... greetings from New York, Montreal & Cape Cod...

Manhattan is really the food mecca of the world! Now, I really wish I am a FOODIE... Anthony Bourdain lives here and Jean-Georges' "Vong New York" is Asian Fusion at its best.. think, I will have dinner there tomorrow night after watching Hairspray on Broadway.

Any suggestion on the menu?

Food in Old Town Montreal is way too pricey and too french (but the architecture of the city is AWESOME!). Cape Cod is lobster, lobster and lobster...and Kennedy's, Kennedy's and Kennedy's

Hey, is Five Sails the restaurant (buffet with 1001 different entrees) that you and Wedge took me too when I visited K.K in 2005??

More, later....

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

Cheeyan:wish i could be there! where's old town montreal?yes, same res. hey do write about SF food soon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How much the buffet dinner cost??

Ayu Afiqah Nasrullah said...

How much is the buffet lunch cost??

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