Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day 4 HK

For breakfast, Hub wanted a bowl of tangjai jook (sampan congee) which always reminds him of HK, just as hagow and wonton noodles do for me.

Tangjai jook, soya bean milk and tofufa (tofu custard)

Less than than 40 years ago, sampans (small wooden boats) still plied the waters of HK. The people who lived on these boats were fishermen and their families so it's not surprising that the congee or jook created by them include dried squid and fish besides shredded pork, peanuts, pork skin and century egg. The century egg in this jook was very good, creamy and tasty without that pungent ammonia stink we get in the century eggs in Malaysia. It all boils down to freshness again, the one quality HKgers will never compromise with.

Pork and veg wonton

Pork wontons are unusual in HK (Cantonese wontons use prawns only as filling) but that's because this was a restaurant that served some Shanghainese dishes alongwith the Cantonese. Hub managed to grab a tzifan to eat on the way. Tzifan is a Shanghainese sticky rice roll with meatfloss and jacai (a preserved veg) inside. I didn't like it because there was too much rice and too little filling, and it was wrapped in cling-film, a no-no for me.

Lunch was whatever wherever as we (okay, it was me) were frantically shopping last minute.

Roasted goose

Another HK must-eat food is roasted goose. Yi declared this one of her newly discovered favorite dish (Vincent, that roasted goose you brought back from HK--with ulterior motive--when she was 13 was totally wasted on her). Roasted goose truly is one of the greatest gastronomic wonders. Roasted duck just doesn't have that flavor.

Shaorou/siewyuk (roasted belly pork)

You'd have to eat this to know how absolutely delicious this is. The flavor, the juicy tender meat and the crispy crackling just makes me happy I'm alive to eat this! And this was had in just a restaurant we walked into, not one of those fancy over-rated award-winners you read about (eg Yung Kee). We have a great shaorou stall in Merdeka Supermarket, but somehow the crackling doesn't come close because besides being crispy, it was extra crispy-light-light, if you know what I mean, as against crispy-light.

Dry-fry flat noodles with beef (gonchau ngoeho)

Another HK staple. Unfortunately, this wasn't so good. I saw many people eating this at Ho Hung Kee in Causeway Bay, and could tell by just the color of the noodles (and the 'ahs!' from the customers when the noodles were brought to their table) that it was one of their most popular dishes. Unfortunately I was restrained by Hub and Yi again when I wanted an order.

Other than the taste, a good plate of gonchau ngoeho must have long, not cut-up, strands of noodles and not be oily. Hard to achieve for most cooks because to keep the strands of noodles from breaking up, you'll have to use a lot of oil. But too much oil and the dish is a goner. Kinda like what they say about women after 40--you either choose to keep your face or your body... the next pic tells a lot.

strawberry mummy
In front of Peninsula Hotel

This used to be THE place for all celebrities and the afternoon tea is legendary, although by the time I could afford to eat there, I couldn't afford the time...prefer to shop. Just in case you are wondering, I'm learning to Photoshop and a strawberry is handy on a bad-face day.

Bank of China Tower (left) and the Lippo Centre (right)

Did you know that HK has 4 of the world's 15 tallest buildings (based on this list, the majority of the tallest buildings in the world are in Asia. Says something about little men with big egos huh?)? The two magnificent buildings in the pic are my favorite, especially I.M. Pei's Bank of China which just perks up HK's skyline from a distance. It is elegant while the Lippo Centre (which, like the Petronas Towers, is a pair of twin buildings) is so fun! The IFC stands out as the tallest building in HK, but that's just it unless you have a soft spot for the 'comb' on its top. The most pathetic building is Norman Foster's HongKong Bank Headquarters which was much publicized, like the emperor's new clothes, but really it was the notorious cost of building it that everybody thinks of when they see the building. Shame, because it doesn't withstand time and competition and now stands inconspiciously, looking old and ignored. I think even if they had made it higher, it'd still not help. Just look at Taipei 101. Embarassing. For some great pics of Hk's skyscrapers, go here.

And that's all folks on my trip to HK. Next stop is Macao!


Hong Yi said...

that 'sao rou' photo is killing stomach is eating itself!

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

yi: hey u r not supposed to comment till 2mrw. now everybody knows i post a day early b/c i want to sleep in...aiya!

Bryan said...

... I have yet to learn not to read your blog late at night. Now I'm hungry and it's 1am! OH WOE IS ME.

Anonymous said...

Nee: tell me about it...i always read this blog when i get in the office, get some khmm khmm work done (ya rite) which is always close to lunch wonder my colik nowaday ask me to decide where to go for lunch..

Anonymous said...

I read this blog, daily! Recipes, beautiful photos, travel,humour...You rock Terri!

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

bryan: :D next time read right after dinner.
nee: er..what is khmm khmm work??
anony: TQ *blushing* good to have some feedback, good or bad.

Anonymous said...

NEE: when i am spending time reading your i look like i am working to ppl who are walking pass hehheee...but seriously i m your daily fan now..besides weekend cause no line at home..absolutely enjoyable

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

nee: TQ. so nice to know tt! yes, i noticed on my site meter tt readership goes down by 50% on weekends so i don't bother to post.i told linda what u said n it tickled her. said she hasn't talked to u in a while. tt woman doesn't use the comp, goodness, n never been into my blog.i tell her what she's missing but she's not convinced.

Anonymous said...

NEE: Just told another fren about your blog. she is a housewife who loves food and to entertain. told her about all your nice recipes. Hubby been visiting too apparently.

Hope you get lots of readers!!!

visited kenny sia but somehow his pictures and jokes does not really do anything to me. so this is a sincere compliment to you since i read yours daily.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

nee:oh TQ. I hope she n ur hub will make comments. d one thing i like is to c comments--good to have feedback, plus can make new friends.
agree on kenny. i read him coz my daughter told me about him being the most pop. blogger in M'sia but after his piece on tt horrific accident where a whole family died, n not appreciating most of his jokes, i knew he was not my type..but he seems to appeal to a lot of M'sians, which says volumes about what ppl want to read.

jimctang said...

founder or first superintendent of the Bank of China Tower in HKG years ago is architect Pei's DAD. son carries on the memorial by lifting up the landmark. how proud they can be. although the steel structure "xxxxx" was linked with ancient chinese deadth penalty plate bearing by the sentenced, it was solved ... forgot. now the 'xxxx' definitely means joy in oz.

jimctang said...

"founder or first superintendent of the Bank of China in HKG years ago is architect Pei's DAD." i should correct the above message.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

jim: oh, thank u for telling me. i didn't know tt. i do enjoy IMPei's work. r u in the design field?

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