Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eat With Us: Garden City Restaurant

Garden City Restaurant is behind the famed Cottage, in the area called Specialist Centre in Luyang. This is going to be difficult to review. I've got half my dining friends liking the food and the other half complaining about it. I'm in the middle. But I don't think I'll be back there soon considering it took them 2 whole hours to serve the meal, causing me to miss KK's first jazz festival. And although I didn't pay, I thought it was too expensive considering the small portion size and the food we had. It turned out, after I told other friends, that this place is off their list; too pricey.

Claypot prawns and clear noodles
Oily and I didn't like that they used cultured prawns.

Steamed native chicken with black fungus
This was okay but the chicken was too lean.

Braised grouper
Tasty and fish was fresh.

Honey pork ribs
Sticky, sweet and yummy dish.

Crispy fried noodles.
I've eaten better.

The dish I liked the most was Dragon Well tofu (loong qin doufu) but it went so fast I couldn't get a pic of it. We also had two fried veg, pea sprouts and kale which were very good. And oh, a pretty good fish maw soup. The total bill was RM346 (US$100) for 12 of us. Not that expensive, but considering that all the dishes ordered were small and ordinary, in KK you could eat for much less.


The Drool Team said...

Was there once with Dr Heather just b4 she left 4 the US. Too pricey 4 so so food but one lamb dish was good. 4got wat's called.

meatball online said...

i went there once also.. particularly love their pork belly pepper soup & creamy butter crab.. others was so so.. but quite pricey.

i missed the jazz festival too. heard it was a very, very great show. friends told me it ended around 12.30am.

b said...

Oh Terri I was at the jazz festival, I was sorta keeping an eye out for you. It was pretty good, for what I was able to catch as I kept going in and out of the place.

Thanks for the review of Garden City, that place is mere minutes away from where I live and have always been curious about. Now it goes on the "To Miss" list.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

drool team: once is enough...
meatball: yes, too bad we missed it. next year...
b: ha, i think u r Kenneth, rn't u?!

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