Friday, August 10, 2007

Eat With Us: Kopitiam Tanamera

Located at Lintas Square, Tanamerah is quite packed at night with customers mostly there for a drink and snacks. Prices are very reasonable here, with most drinks under RM3 (US$0.80) and snacks under RM5. I didn't try any main courses other than the assam laksa, which is only edible if you are dying of hunger.


The coffeeshop has a trendy air-con (non-smoking) section and an alfresco area.

Assam laksa

Thin soup with no chili, fish, bunga kantan, pineapple but the biggest mint leaf I've ever seen.

Sticky rice with gula melaka and grated coconut

Good but will be better if served with santan.

Thai-style mango with sticky rice

Served with santan from the box, which is very different from fresh santan. Still, anything with mango and santan can't go too wrong, so I liked this.


The Drool Team said...

Love sticky rice, especially with mangoes. Had it every day when we were in Phuket few yrs back.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

u know what u could do 4 tt malaysia day thing? a durian-sticky rice kueh with santan topping, or even better, a steamed layer (chit chung gao) kueh resembling d M'sian flag. i'll taste it 4 u.

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