Friday, August 31, 2007



Marie (Yi's friend?), you'll have to wait a while till I get into the mood to do chinese firepot/steamboat. But I did a simple Japanese firepot tonight and I hope you'll try cooking it too. Yosenabe is one-pot cooking (there's also sukiyaki, mitzutaki, teppanyaki, shabu shabu, all one-pot table cooking) at the dinner table, and it is a great way to eat with close friends and family. Be careful. It's so good and fun, you can eat till everything is finished and you can't walk straight. That's why we are lying around like seals instead of going out to watch the Merdeka Day fireworks.


Chicken, cut into small pieces
prawns, deveined
fish (salmon, any firm white fish), in small chunks
clams or oysters or scallops
mushrooms, shiitake (cut an X into the caps) and enoki
white tofu, in small chunks (pare off the outer skin to get a silkier tofu)
harusame noodles, soaked
carrots, in small slices
leeks, sliced diagonally
chinese cabbage

2 litres of dashi stock (boil 2 litres of water, add 2 1/2 T of dashi granules)
3 T Kikkoman soy sauce
3 T mirin

--mix above to make a light stock.

1/2 daikon (white carrot), grated finely
juice from 1 lemon
1 T grated fresh ginger
1/2 cup of the above dashi stock

--mix together. this is 'ponzu' sauce, for eating seafood. Serve Japanese 7-spice powder on the side.

1. Cut cabbage, separating the harder stems from the softer leaves. Blanch spinach and leaves of the cabbage briefly. Squeeze water out. Lay the spinach over the cabbage and roll up. Cut into 2 cm lengths.

2. Arrange the ingredients nicely in a flame-proof ceramic or Japanese iron skillet. Do not overload because you can cook in batches.

3. Put skillet onto a table top burner, add some stock, cover and boil. Eat the chicken last as it takes longer to cook. Add water or stock as you continue cooking the next batch. This is not sukiyaki; stock should be light, not too salty and should just cover the veg and meat.

Note: Each person should be given his own scoop and ladle. Serve rice with yosenabe.


mike c said...

mike says: wow! this looks 1st floor! ( there's a joke behind this)

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

mike: i know what it means: 'e lieu'!*takes a deep bow*

mike c said...

impressive, i forgot, it's a kk joke. here comes the joke from behind...

1st floor (this joke only works if u know hakka)

A group of friends arrange to meet @ a restaurant that is on the 3rd floor (summ liu, in hakka speak). One of the friends’ hakka is bun-tong-shui (literally, bucket is half full or half–baked) but she understands where the restaurant is supposed to be. Then she overheard one guy kept referring to the restaurant as yit liu (1st floor) to the other hakka guys; she got concerned & asked for confirmation. The guys just die laughing till it’s sick to their stomachs. Turns out the guy meant the restaurant’s reputation is 1st class ( eek liu in mandarin, yat lau in cantonese which also can mean 1st floor!!). cute?? made that up.

p/s seriously, some tribal wars may have been started this way....

This joke is inspired by Kamli’s hakka friends who kept referring to 1st class as 1st floor
( as in ‘ wah, this durian is 1st floor!’ ).

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

um. haha, so lame!another lame one is this: 4th floor. 'si low' in mandarin. say it fast, "silow" and it's 'slow'!?as in u r so 4th floor! (yi just told me tt after we talked about ur comment).

Bento Pet said...

Mmmm...I love this!

mike c said...

Amateur! Thought it sounded un lame at the time.

Bento Pet said...

I made this for dinner two nights ago. Before I could take a proper picture, most of the food was gone! Sigh! Thanks for the inspiration!

leiyun said...

hi,terri,i am leiyun and i can see your blog now!but i don't know why i cannot see the photoes,maybe it's the problem of net.

leiyun said...

it told me:the photo is private.

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