Thursday, September 13, 2007

Don't Eat With Us: Emperor's Delight N Home Delicious

We finally made it to Emperor's Delight for lunch. This is another new (opened less than 6 months ago)restaurant serving la mien (hand-pulled noodles)and other Shanghainese/Beijing food. A China-looking man (we can tell, can't we, local Chinese and China Chinese) was pulling noodles behind a glass panel. I had to sit on my hands when I gave my orders; I get very excited about new eating places.

La mien with jacai and pork, RM8 (US$2.40)

I seem to always order this at new la mien restaurants. It's kind of like what ha gow does for me at new dim sum places, an acid test. The soup was good, but the noodles surprised me. They were not only too soft, they were not pulled very well, with different thickness along each strand. Time they got a noodle-making machine, a stainless steel one.

Lanzhou la mien with braised pork, RM8

La mien originated fron Lanzhou. I wouldn't recommend this item; nothing special.

Xiaoloongbao, RM5 (US$1.50)

Inexpensive, but the worst I've eaten so far. It's not that there wasn't much soup inside, or even that it is smaller than in other places. It's just that they have the dough wrong because it kind of sticks to my upper teeth and the texture is just not right. Plus the meat was a mush.

Scallion pancake, RM5

This is so simple it reminds me of my MIL's. Not bad. In fact, I liked it best of all.

Overall, the place merits a 3/5. Edible but won't make me long to eat there.

Dinner was at Home Delicious Restaurant in the Iramanis shoplots. Another disappointment.

Stewed porkleg, a house specialty, RM21(US$6) for small portion

This is their house specialty?!

Fish slices with black beans, RM12 (US$3.50)

Where oh where are you black beans?

Sichuan-style brinjals, RM8 (US$2.40)

Okay but a little too sweet.

Fried kangkong in fermented beancurd, RM8 (US$2.40)

It wasn't until I typed the caption above that I realised that the flavor was supposed to be fu yee, fermented beancurd. Must've been very unfermented beancurd because I didn't taste it. But of all the dishes, this was the best.

Home Delicious is run by a couple (wife's Taiwanese) and their son only so expect slow but friendly service. The place is clean and cosy and they do have their faithful customers who want 'home-cooked' food. Another 3/5.


Shan said...

Hi my friend Sue has left the contact number for the camping place on my blog. Hope you n family make it out there and that you take lots of great photos.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

oke, tq!we'll have to wait till rainy season's over.

Coketai said...

Hi Terri,

Can you provide the location of all the restaurant you review on your blog? so that we are able to try them if we have the opportunity to go to Sabah or recommed to friend and family for the same reason.


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