Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stewed Pig Offal

(Note: The following pictures may not appeal to some, so proceed with caution. It's Halloween food.)

Thank goodness Chinese stewed offal is not even close to Scottish haggis, the later being a disgusting mince of sheep innards boiled in sheep's stomach. In Cantonese, Chinese stewed mixed pig's offal is ho yup mei. I don't know what that truly literally means but it sure sounds like one of my friend's name, way back in primary school.

We were at Foh Sang yesterday checking out the shops when I saw this stall selling ho yup mei. It's been decades since I've had this dish and frankly I was a little nervous about eating it. It's not just that it's innards or offal (sounds better?) of a pig, but is it hygenic and can we take all that cholesterol? But I remember how I loved it as a kid, when my Dad would come home with a brown-paper packet of my favorite ho yup mei whenever he won a majong game, so I bravely ordered a small RM5/US$1.50 portion.


The offal was presented quite decently in little plastic containers. There were pig's ears (I had that, but I kept wondering if pigs have earwax...), pig's heart, pig's lungs (had that too, the best), pig's intestines (had one piece of that), pig's stomach (that too), spleen (yes) and liver, tongue...


This dish MUST be eaten with hot mustard sauce. And lots of guts (pun totally intended). I was secretly admiring Ming who unflinchingly ate what I ordered even though he didn't grow up eating offal. I was thinking, wow, Ming's a real man but he told me if Anthony Bourdain (whose shows Ming enjoys) can do it, so can he. There must be a whole generation of grasshoppers, bull balls and sheep's eyes eaters out there, all inspired by Mr. Bourdain.

We also ordered the deep-fried spring chicken which the stall-keeper insisted is the best in town. It was pretty good, but on the whole this was a meal that made me queasy till now. However, just so you don't think so badly of me, do check out this Wikipedia page. You'll find that in almost every culture and country (except the less 'cultural' ones like Canada, Australia, USA) some form of offal is eaten. And to be truthful, all sound pretty disgusting no matter how they cook it.


I'm told by Denise that the name of this coffeeshop is Khen Hin. It's in the middle of the right side of the block of shops in old Foh Sang.


Big Boys Oven said...

oh those look so delicious and will definitely so shiok!

Denise said...

hey! I think I know this shop! they sell steamed bao as well kan?? If so,every saturday, dad will order half of this so called"Tung-zhi-gai" for us! sometimes is nice, sometimes it's over fried! Hahaha

meatball online said...

i love eating the ho yap mei last time... but now no more already cos scared cholestrol... now u made me wanna eat again.. kakakaka!

Bento Pet said...

With guilt all over my face, I admit I'm a great fan of the Offal family!

Someone once told me that the Chinese can consume any type of animal from head to toe on four legs with it's back facing the sky. So 'me-malu-fying' but true right?

BTW, I've tagged you, please check out my latest post. Cheers!

Pamela said...

I am in the USA and LOVE your blog, read it everyday :-)
I love offal and don't eat it much as I used too.
My fav is pig ears & tails with loads of hot sauce YUMMMM

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

big boys: hey real boys huh :) great blog u have, i'm really excited with so many more wonderful blogs to visit.

denise: help me out here, what's d name of the shop?? ya, my tungzhigai was overfried.

meatball: u too?! i'm truly surprised so many young ppl love offal!

bento: and u?!gosh, i'm digging out many exotic food eaters :D ya, u know how the chinese believe u can strengthen whatever body part by eating the same part of an animal? my mom once made double-boiled pig's brains for one of my brothers, beats me what she was trying to do cos pigs aren't known to be bright...aiya, i've never played online tag. do i copy all the layers; how to play?

pam: another one! from the US no less?!!i ate pig's tail when i was a kid but not anymore- too cute haha.have u watch Charlotte's Web??

hey, offal-eating is alive and well!! this isn't some creepy Halloween joke u guys playing on me?:D

Bento Pet said...

One Priest (now deceased) was well remembered for his stories about
eating the trotters of the pig to strengthen one's legs, brains for one's brains and so forth.

When he had an aliment with his leg swelling in hospital. Many of his parishioners reiterated his stories and advised him to eat pig trotters to help heal his legs! *shakes head* Some people thought it was funny. *shakes head again* I guess it would be funny in another situation.

Anyway about the tag, just copy the tag from my blog and paste on a new post in your own blog, change the answers accordingly. Thanks for accepting the challenge!! Have fun!

Denise said...

It's " KHENG HIN " shop.
Do I get Victoria's Secret in returN ? ;p I can even take the pic of the shop for U =p

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

denise: thanks! yes, good girls get rewarded :D

CK-II said...

Those internal organs are definitely not for me!

That roasted chickens just look crispy! Yum yum!

FaYe said...

hey, i know this shop.. but i don't know the name of the shop. lol

I've tried the roasted chicken too.. sedaap..

Edward R said...

Dinna dis the haggis you unbeleeeva! Who`d have thought pigs bits that do the business could look so good.

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