Monday, January 21, 2008

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee


Now here's a reason for going to Warisan Square. They have opened a branch of Big Apple Donuts (frankly, never heard of it before) and when I was there last night, there was a long line even at 9:30. But all entrepreneurs be warned. KK is notorious for The New Toilet Syndrome: whenever there's a new restaurant, everybody in town will be there. Two months later, nobody's there except flies.


I'm not sure how to rate Big Apple donuts. I think I'm both disappointed and happy with them. Credits first. The donuts were very fresh, straight out of the fryer. They were hand-decorated and beautifully done too. The toppings were good (there are more than 20 varieties, including durian; look for it in the pics) and the price is very reasonable at RM2.30/US$0.63 each or RM22/US$6 for 12. Best of all, the donuts aren't overly sweet. Now, although I like my donuts very soft, these were so airy soft (it's an Asian thing again. Airy cakes. Airy breads. Airy hairstyles.), the sugar glaze toppings tasted hard and stale against them. I still prefer Dunkin' Donuts (although I don't know if they are still good because I haven't tasted one in years because we don't have one on this Robinson Crusoe island), which are soft yet substantial enough to balance the glaze. You get your $'s worth with Dunkin's donuts but between 3 of us, we ate 11 Big Apple's before feeling full. This was after a late dinner. I was also disappointed with Krispy Kreme donuts in Melbourne. It's one of those over-rated things. Krispy Kreme donuts tasted so ordinary and look so colorfully cheap and machine-made, I thought I was eating in a 7-Eleven. The place did look like a 7-Eleven too.

Anyway, do check Big Apple out and let me know what you think. Go easy on them, because I'm told donuts are the worst thing you can eat, even worst than fries because of the transfat and sugar.


Big Apple is located between Esprit and Roxy at Warisan Square. Btw, if you, like me, has not been to the Square recently, be prepared for another cheap, crammed shopping mall like Karamunsing Komplex.


yammylicious said...

mmm~ long time i nv eat big apple d! =) for for it now!

Denise said...

Do u think only Asian wud understand " New TOilet Syndrome "?
and this time the syndrome is quite serious le =p

I Dont even feel like Q-ing up & pack like sardine in the shop just bcuz to buy the donuts!

But I do love to see how they make the donuts! especially when comes to decor .. like a mini donut factory! hehe

p/s : which one is Wey's favourite? I trust His Taste!

b said...

thanks Terri for this insight. Saw it in KL and wondered about the long queue too.

You prob seen a similar donut joint in City Mall - near Sate Mesra - not sure if its the same establishment.

CK-II said...

Those are very deliberately decorated donuts. Do they taste as good as they look?

The "New Toilet Syndrome" is plaguing Kuchingites now with the two new shopping malls!

Anonymous said...

I think Big Apple donuts are overrated. I must admit they didn't taste all that bad the first time but after the second time, I am not so sure anymore. The 'smell' of the donuts is a bit too overpowering to my liking. And yes, I prefer Dunkin' Donuts. Raina

Anonymous said...

I tot only City Mall have "Big Apple Donuts & Coffee"?! But i prefer Dunkin Donuts more thn Apple Donuts too!

Shan said...

LOL I was wondering when you would do a review on these donuts.

But from a purely visual aspect, they do look quite pretty :)

Pamela said...

I am in the US and me personally,I prefer the 'cake' variety of donuts. I find the 'yeast' type of donuts,greasy unless straight out of the fryer.Not to say the 'cake' variety isn't fried,but is a different dough used.I can't stand Krispy Creme of any kind hahaha and just as bad to me, is Dunkin Donuts. Although I do like Dunkin Donuts coffee :-)
My favorite donut is from a little Mom & Pop store here in Dayton,Ohio called Donut Palace.
They rock !!

MyF said...

my bf and me always buy dunkin donuts when we travel from kl up north. its fun buying these pretty donuts. but me personally - i only like lightly sugared donuts.... but they look so pretty..

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yammy: r u in KK?

denise: yes, love watching them decorate. in fact, i want to go help them. wey said the durian's yummy, then the green tea nad the cocoa krisps. Ha, u know my boy huh!

b: i'm just told by an anonymous person (gosh, i'm not the guys from Bukit Aman;tell me who u r!)it is Big Apple at City Mall.

ck: they look better than they taste.

raina: got same tastebuds bah we. you've been 2x??they said they've just opened 2 days. oh, maybe u went to City Mall.

anony: yes!

Shan: they are really pretty, and I like tt they aren't machine-decorated. try some.

Pam: i've only eaten yeast ones. the cake types sound good! Btw, are there any Dairy Queens in the US? love their stuff. yes, mom n pop shops cook better than all those chain restaurants. look at McDonalds.

myf: actually donuts are like coffee: look/smell better than they taste. oh dear, i can feel a lot of coffee drinkers screaming at me.i'm a coffee drinker btw, so.

ekeng said...

Big Apple in will ask my bro to buy some for my mum and dad..i'm sure they will like the durian flavor..How about u Kai Ma? what flavor u like? :)

bryan said...

Terri, that's exactly how I feel about coffee too! And the same applies to donuts too, it seems. I've tried them twice, and aside from the novelty value, they're not that great.

Fooman said...

Big Apple donuts are going to be the death of me.......

Nevertheless, they've got to realise that you can't have 12 people making donuts and only one person selling. Duh! Or is that to create the queue?

Dunkin Donuts in KL now universally look and taste like the were fried the day before. Ugh. :(

Pamela said...

Yes, there are Dairy Queens in my area, I live about 3 miles from one.Believe it or not, I haven't been to one in several years. It's open year round and in the warmer months it's always very busy.
Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and TOTALLY love your blog!!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

ekeng:kai ma likes the crunchy nut-topped donuts. bring me some when u visit :)

bryan: *high 5* thank u, nice to know i'm not alone!:)

Fooman: i was thinking of the same. why did they close the counter n not let us buy whatever is available, instead of making us wait till "all the donuts are done." Then i saw the queue behind me; that's their strategy!These chain restaurants, what's the point of the francaise if they don't keep their standards?? if you eat the McD burger at Apiapi, be disgusted to find they are stretching costs by using chopped up pickles instead of slices! i feel like standing there holding a placard.

pamela: it's always like tt, isn't it - we don't miss something till we don't have it! i'm missing DQ's dipped cones. Hey, I totally love comments like urs *wink* Thanks, keep in touch, I love making friends :0

Fooman said...

The long lines are gone..........

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