Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dog People

Wey pats any dog he sees. Yi tends to do that too. Ming is selective. Hub will pat one or two occasionally. I, being a hygiene freak, abstain from patting most dogs unless I know the owners.

At Mornington

At Dandenong Ranges

Chubby, a friend's pug. Wey was crazy about her but it was unrequited love if you look at her expression. But then again with a face like that you can't really tell.

Cats are annoying. This one, at a fruits farm, ran away.

I warned him not to touch these; they looked ready to bite.

Not surprising if he drinks this.

Unfortunately we don't have a picture of Ah Hock, a dachshund who's the most obedient dog ever. Amazing dog.


Pamela said...

I love your blog and read it daily,I got a chuckle when I read about you & dogs. You would think my home is a little zoo. I have 4 dogs,2 cats and 6 pet rats. All are female :-)
I hope you didn't say YUK when you read that I have pet rats hahahah most ppl do. Pet rats are the sweetiest little pets,very friendly, and extremely smart. They love to be held & petted.
The most amazing thing of all is , all of my pets get along with each other.

Mandy said...

honestly, the cats that saunter under the tables in some KK eating places annoy me to no end. Maybe because I am scared of cats. ;p
I am waiting to read Atonement! Let me know if it's nice after you have finished ok? I have read his latest- "On Chersil Beach".

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

Pam: Hi, thanks! I did go "Rats!?" Not mice? Do u let them scurry around (I won't be visiting!) or are they in a cage? what dogs do u have :)?

mandy: i know. once, we were in tt Mantai shop near TshungTsin, a RAT scurried in and around all the tables,making all the ladies scream n lift up their legs, then it got to us and stopped at Wey's feet n peed n died!!! How weird is tt! We didn't go back for a year or so, n the few times we did go back we kept talking about it so now we don't go. besides, the portion of the dishes is so miserable now!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

mandy: i started reading Atonement in Brisbane (got 3 books for price of 2 at borders, incl one of my favorite authors', Ken Follett)but had to leave the book behind bc we took a budget airline tt allowed only 15 kg each. a friend is bringing it back end of the month.how's 'On Chersil Beach'? i find McEwan's writing a bit uninteresting until the end but then i'm only judging by 'Enduring Love'.

Hong Yi said...
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Hong Yi said...

My friends tend to quickly keep me under control by grabbing my arms whenever they see a dog trotting by. Hehe. DOGS ARE SOOOO CUTE!!!

Btw ma, I have to point out that Chubby isn't a pug. She's a SHARPEY. :D

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yi: pugs, sharpi, they look the same.tragic face.

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