Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Food From Vic Market

Christmas Eve morning, Hub and I made a trip to my favorite market -the Queen Victoria Market - and did a final shopping of all things I've wanted to eat before we leave the next day for Brisbane. So this is what we had for Christmas Eve lunch and dinner. Presentation is not very nice because: Excuse no 1: we're not at our own house, no 2: no maid to clean up, no 3: some of us were getting the flu.

Excellent parma ham.

Oysters au natural, A$9.99/US$9/RM30 per dozen, shucked on the spot.
These were delicious - fresh, tender, briny and sweet. We also had pasta with clams, recipe to follow. For dinner, I just dumped all my seafood in a pot with some dashi because Yi was down with the flu and it was a cold day and we all wanted something soupy. However, our carnivorous craving still had to be satisfied so we threw in some steaks.

Wey frying lamb chops.


This was my porcini-rubbed sirloin. Looks so boring but it tasted great.


Bad presentation but the Tasmanian salmon (A$20/US$18/RM60 per kg, slightly cheaper for Atlantic salmon) was the best I've eaten outside of Japan. In KK, sashimi is horrible because the fish are all frozen and thawed so there's a lot of water and the texture's all mushy.


Shan said...

That presentation looks plenty fine to me :)

Denise said...

yeah I know I know,
U never have ugly presentation since the beginning Auntie.
BUt, I thought, Bad presentation sud not be related to like u know, 'NO MAID lah, Members got sick la "! hahahahhahaha
ok ok,
presentation is not imprt o-rite, the freshness of the food says everything !
but, I still dont undertand, why Honeydew next to the ham ?=p

Denise said...

forgot to tell
Can u imagine Wey is wearing a Executive Chef uniform with A Tall hat on?
* Imagination is more important than Knowledge here *! haha

Hey, ur sweet boy inherits your master skills hah! look pro!

Anonymous said...

shan: thanks...

denise: tt's why i said i have excuses. but really w/o a maid i just wanted to get the food on the table, no frills, n also Yi was too sick to cut n slice up the veg etc for me so i was 'one leg kick', u understand?. Ming? forget it, by the time i can get him to help, it'd be 2morrow. hub's worse -can only fry rice. at least wey helped to fry.


Anonymous said...

denise: parma ham if served as a starter is usually served with rock melon (tt's not honeydew, altho u can serve tt as well i suppose). i guess its like grapes with cheese, the sweetness of the fruits to balance the saltiness of the ham/cheese.


Anonymous said...

denise: ha, i just googled it. u can check google images :)


Denise said...

ha~ I see
U see, isnt it WEY THE BEST ?
O-rite, probably an unfair statement for the rest! hahahhaa
Clam, mum says just throw them in a bucket of fresh water, and they will "breathe" by open & spit the sand wor, and usually takes 2 days!
( my godness, 2 days? I guess U rather buy from Vic market! hahaha, no fuss!)

Precious Pea said...

Yummy looking steak! Sigh..i miss Melbourne so much. Victoria Market is my favourite place.

Anonymous said...

denise: fair statement. wey loves food the most, likes to cook too. wouldn't the clams die in 2 days using tap water? when i was in langley, washington state, we went clam (BIG ones) digging n my aunt put them in a bucket of water with nails i think, and changed the water once in a while. but it was cold so clams didn't die.we made clam chower with some..yummy!

precious P: i love vic mart too! we go together one day?!


Smart Payment Plan said...

That looks terrific!

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