Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Get A Weighing Machine, AA!

Dear Tony,

Hi again. Thank you for that sweet reply noting my displeasure with your onflight meals. I really admire your attention to each customer's complaint.

On Tuesday, Tony, I sent Lily (a student from China) back on an AA flight to Shenzhen. You know your baggage limit of 15 kg really sucks, esp. for students returning home for good. When I begged your counter staff for an extra 1.6 kg, she gave me a Garfield glance and said "Cannot! My boss is watching!" Gosh, what is happening in this country. You have CCTVs watching your staff like BN has video recorders in hotel rooms? Anyway, Lily went off to unload some of her books, put the bag through the scanner again and weighed in at 13.8 kg. Back to uploading, then scanning, then checking at the counter again. I told Garfield to tell you to put a weighing machine near the scanner for the convenience of your customers. She looked at me like Najib looking at everyone, you know, that head-to-one-side, eyes-half-closed look. What she needs is 5 minutes on the treadmill so I'm proposing that you put in a weighing machine for passengers and an exercise machine for your staff. Win win. Only you/AA will loose some on the penalty charges for excess baggage but that's okay, you have to be nice sometimes.

Have a good day.



Anonymous said...


CK-II said...

"Now everyone kena potong leher"

bryan said...

I've found most AA stuff to be polite and helpful. You shouldn't blame the counter stuff for not bending the rules for you. I'm sure there's many a time when you're not terrible pleased when someone else is bending the rules, which happens a lot in our country and is symptomatic of what ails it. No turn signals, parking on the curb/pavement, cutting queues, and that's just the mundane stuff. I go to Singapore a lot and while it's not perfect, it works a heck of a lot better. By in large because people don't bend the rules.

However I agree with you 110% that weighing machines should be mandatory. I had to through the same rigaramole as Lily did last time I took the Johor flight back to KK.

Anonymous said...

raina: Tony said not to laugh.

ck: yes, i hear they make a lot from excess baggage.

bryan: U r absolutely right!Bending the rules will create unfair favoritism n corruption. although i asked for tt n was turned down, i was more upset at the ding-dong process. Just tt the poor girl was packing up for good n 1.6kg wasn't much, but i wish they allow extra for students like Royal Brunei does :) About the weighing, lucky there was no line. would be more upset if there was a long queue each time. In KL budget terminal they do provide a weighing machine.


bryan said...

Perhaps we should write to Daily Express and express our thoughts in their forum? I was thinking of writing to the Manager of the airports but well, I have my doubts it'll garner any attention, much less any actual action.

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