Monday, January 7, 2008

Glutton's Heaven: Sofia Restaurant

When our friends told us they were taking us to Sofia's, I sat on my hands because I was so excited. I've heard my friend Linda rave about the yummy food and reasonable prices. Sofia seems to be a very popular restaurant; ask anyone in Melbourne and they will have an either positive or negative opinion about the place. After eating at Sofia, my sons would randomly say "Sofia!Sofia!" They loved it.

There are 3 Sofias in Melbourne and we went to the one at Camberwell (857 BurkeRoad, open 7 days/week, noon till late). The place was packed, mostly with families. Patrons looked very satisfied, but when they left, their plates were half-full. The reason for that was clear when our food came: the food was in portions fit for that storybook giant in Jack and the Beanstalk. The dishes came quickly and each time we went "Whoaa!!!" with mouths and eyes wide opened. Look at the pics below. Those are not dinner plates but huge serving plates! Daniel & Evelyn were extremely generous and by the 3rd dish I had given up. I didn't do service to the gelati, which was very good - the flavors not too subtle or strong, and very authentic - and must've weighed about 1 kg!

The first dish was the three-color pasta, cooked according to your sauce of choice. It was so huge I thought that dish was enough for all 6 of us. Btw, Wey has embarked on his life mission of eating fettucine/parpadelle carbonara in every place he visits. He claimed that Sofia's carbonara is plate-licking good. I think this was the best dish of all.

Platter of fried bread-crumbed seafood. I always find seafood tasteless if they were frozen. Most Australian seafood are.

Just look at that serving! Good anyday but that day, I was up to my eyeballs. I like the idea of serving whole avocados like that. Nothing stingy in Sofia. This is a salad I'll 're-enact' one day.

Disapponting, hardly any garlic.

Chicken smoothered by a thick layer of seafood and sauce. What can I say? I was overwhelmed.

Hawaiian pizza. Sorry, but this was the worst pizza I've ever eaten...


The gelati was packed with both quantity and quality, unlike their main dishes. The many flavors were very refreshing and natural without being too strong.

All that food for only 6 of us! I don't know. I can see why people like this place. Sofia's motto must be "Sock It To Them!"


Mandy said...

OMG! The gelato must have weighed more than 1 tub of ben & jerry!
I love your travel posts, especially this one.

ekeng said...

only one word for the ice cream.."WOW"

CK-II said...

Alamak! The food is enough to feed at least 10 persons!

Denise said...

Aunt, I Show U a conversation between me & my fren in Melbourne.

K a r e n says:

K a r e n says:
u know that Terri the mom's blog

K a r e n says:
u see the Sofia restaurant

K a r e n says:
we;'ve been wanting to go there for ages liao

K a r e n says:
so i show Will the blog, he said lets go tonight!!

Denise^Berries says:

Hong Yi said...

"When our friends told us they were taking us to Sofia's, I sat on my hands because I was so excited."

What the?!!

I'm trying not to laugh to loud coz Wennie's asleep!

Precious Pea said...

Fuyoh!! The Gelato is huge!

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Walau eh.... Thats alot of food.

Anonymous said...

mandy: thank u. love your pics!

ekeng: exactly. wish i can have some now.

ck: 10 n more, i think.

denise/karen: so what's the verdict on Sofia??

yi: miss u, 'stick-to-the-body-grass'

precious: 'fuyoh'?? i can almost hear you say it, such a funny sound!

wombok: rudd shd appoint a minister of diet to control portion sizes. people there eat TOO much.

Big Boys Oven said...

GOsssssh such a huge portion... lovely prawns and plenty!

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