Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Graduation Pics

Bear with me as I document Yi's convocation pics. I wasn't able to post as many pics when I was in Melb. I also want to share some tips I've learnt that day.


I think the Archi gown is beautiful with the pink band on the hood. I also like the tulip hem.



1. Take Studio Pictures Early.

My biggest regret was not taking studio pics (or preferably, SHARP family pics taken outdoors) with the graduate. When we walked in at 5 pm (ceremony 7:30 pm to 9 pm), I did notice a couple of booths set up by professional photographers. I've always hated studio pics and for my wedding I went against convention and didn't have studio or professional photographers because I didn't like the stiffness and formality of pics in those days. So I didn't bother with the proffs. Big mistake, because 90% of our pics turned out blurr. While I can take reasonably ok pics of food, it is a different thing altogether taking pics of people (they move) in the outdoors. I was very disappointed and frustrated with my poor photo skills.

After the ceremony and tea party, Yi returned the regalia and I was standing at one of the booths. How much, I asked. The guy said 15 poses, single or multiple subjects, for only A$30/RM90! So cheap ah?! That's for the proof copy only and then you pay, from A$30 onwards depending on the size, for each pic. I made Yi rush up to retrieve her gown but you know, all these gweilo places are sticklers for rules and regulations. It was 10:10 pm., 10 min past the cut-off time for the return of the gowns. I sulked and blamed everyone all the way to the car (What if our pics didn't turn out good? Better to have pics with a cardboard background and stiff poses than blur pics ya?). We tried to get the gown a few days later but the whole circus was over. So do take all your family pics, special poses etc (I wanted one where Hub and I were sitting with Yi in the middle, the boys at the back, preferably outdoors with trees and lawn behind. You know, like the royalty family pics...) EARLY esp. if the ceremony ends in the night.



The bachelors do not get a mortar board at U of Melbourne and look 'incomplete' at the ceremony. Very inconsiderate because most people don't go on to masters and PhDs.

2. Take Away The Graduand's Mobile.

That's right, I should've done that. She got so many calls and we wasted time waiting for her, one call after another.

Doing what I do best : fuss.


So many friends turned up to support and congratulate her. She's very blessed!

The papparazi were there too.

This pretty young girl with beautiful skin and dimples asked to take a pic with me; she reads my blog and recognized me! (I hope it's okay for me to put this pic up. I couldn't find your comment so couldn't contact you. Please keep in touch!)

3. Bring Some Safety Pins.

The uni couldn't provide everybody with pins and her hood kept slipping up to her neck.


4. Go To The Hairdresser's!

Never ever have your hair permed one week before the big day. That's what I did, and when I tell friends they go "What? You permed your hair? But you never perm your hair!" Yup, I did and that morning of the convo, 5 of us fought to use the washroom in the apartment and my hair was half-dried when we left. In some of the pics, I look (or I was) deranged.

5. Buy/Order the Graduand's Bouquet Outside.

At our UMS, teddy bears are as popular as flowers but at U of Melbourne (rated 19th best in the world!) the preferred comfort blanket is a bunch of fresh flowers. The bouquets on campus were ugly and expensive. I bought Yi's on Lygon St; almost forgot it. Next time, I'd order bearing in mind the color of her hood...I'm thinking burgundy red callas tied with a straw string to go with the pink band.



6. ( Not exactly a convo tip, but never mind) Never Hang Your Clothes Out On The Balcony.

Yup, guilty again. I handwashed Yi's white blouse (a beautiful silky one I bought in KL years ago) a few days later and hung it out without pegging it. When we got home, nothing was on the linestand. Gone with the wind. I nearly cried.

7. Make Sure The Father Wears A Suit.

Don't listen to what they say about Ozzies being very casual in their attire. On that day, every father was in a suit. I had to sneak the suit into my suitcase because Hub was so adamant that it wasn't necessary. Shanghai ngin. And I must say, Ming, I am still upset you didn't wear your tie.

8. Plan A Convo Party.

We forgot and it was late so we ended up with whoever wanted to come at Papa Joe's on Lygon St, a place which I swore I'd never go again after the last time I was there. It wasn't so bad this time, but really, try and do a party somewhere nice.



It may have been her special day but that's all I allowed her, a salad.




Precious Pea said...

Hahahaha! Great tips! Wahh...celebrity blogger! You even get recognised in Melbourne!! Haha!

Why are you restricting Yi to salad only?

Shan said...

Terri you've got the pitfalls totally covered :) Things Not To Do When Preparing For Your Kid's Graduation.
Hmm...that sounds like the makings of a good book :D

Denise said...

1. Congrats to Babe Yi
2. Aunt, what have u done to Wey ? was he almost die of starvation ? look at him, so cute ! lip laced with Ketchup/pasta sauce =p and I can even make a script for him based on the pic
" Food ! this is heaven ~! " (Giggle)
3. Yi's Flower are beautiful! Bright colours! But, the guy's Lilies are Gorgeous !
Actually I'm a quite "pantang" person..I'm quite Taboo with Daisy flower . Daisy is categorized As Sunflower family...and it always give me an impression of " crysthanamum flowers" .
u know la, for me, Crysthanamum flowers A.K.A Guk Fah ! , means for DXXTH ppl only ! Anyways, that's only my OWN opinion.
Correct me if you think i'm stupid.

NEE said...

NEE: Gosh aunty terri, i really dread to think what you will be fussing about at Yi's wedding and of course the state of mind at tat time.

Wat can we say! Supermum! Blessed Yi!

WEll Melbourne uni had not improved since my graduation 10 years ago eh... heck i miss the place.

moonie said...

Thank you for your tips as I'll be graduating this year as well. I'll keep them in mind :)

Do all fathers really wear suits to the convocation?

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

preciousp: it was a pleasant surprise :) Oh, she has put on too much weight. She's heavier than me n she puts on weight just drinking plain water!now tt she's working, n u know how the Ozzies drink, i worry she won't pass thro d door when she comes back in July.

shan: i didn't realise tt i only got 2 out of 8 right. *sigh*

denise:1.thnx :) was 11 pm, n we didn't eat since 4 pm when we left d apt. one day i'll put up a pic of him eating at Naan 2 yrs ago. he was almost licking the plate. yi wanted me to put tt naan pic as my blog profile pic but it is too identical to Grab your Fork's.
3. as u can see, i have no problems with chrys n i love daisies n gerberas. i spent too much time n $ keeping a gerbera patch in my garden. i love them bc they are so simple n happy-looking.
TT guy is very tasteful n i'm sure his bouquet was ordered well ahead.

nee: u r frm U of Melb? good on u!Oh, i tell u, i prob will need to be sedated at her wedding. she has alrdy given the right to help choose her dress, the cake,n so on but I also want to choose the GROOM for her! kidding, guys.

moonie: congrats :) Yes, ALL the fathers were in suits, believe me.

Jemapela said...

I have told Yi before that she is an attractive and well-liked girl. It's really little wonder why hordes of friends and "paparazzi" would come to her convocation.

Isn't she going on to do the second part of her course that leads to another degree? If yes, this whole thing would happen again, and I'm sure you would be better prepared.

NEE said...

NEE: Yeap! MElb u engineering grad the one with the orangy gold yellow hood. 1998 gosh!

Anonymous said...

jemapela: wow, tt's some compliment. Yes, she'll have another but it's in 3 years! hey, i've seen ur pics-very very good. Hope u can take her next convo pics. that is, if u take pics of fully-clothed ppl!
nee: gold color! that sounds like royalty color. must be the most beautiful gown of all.but wasted on engineers lah - they are not known for their dressing style. except u of course.


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