Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mornington Peninsula

One morning we drove out to the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour south of Melbourne. The whole drive along the coast was very pleasant. On the way we stopped at small picturesque towns of sidewalk cafes and charming shops such as Frankston and Mornington, ate fish & chips in one of them and strolled the shops. Coming back, we took the inland road and passed through many fruit orchards and small vineyards and did the obligatory tourist tour of Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm before ending up at one of the many beaches to pick pipis (small clams). Only Wey and Yi picked pipis; the rest of us were flat out in the car. It was a hot day.


One of my recurrent nightmares is walking around KK barefoot and having to avoid the spit splats that are everywhere. I find it very courageous of people in Oz and NZ to walk around barefoot. They may not have to avoid sputum but haven't they heard of ascaris?

Seafood platter. I found the seafood bland and heavy with oil. Fries were thick and meaty though. While we shared this and another side order of fish, old folks around us were eating a whole platter each...



Free strawberries at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. If you want to run into your ex or your cousin from Singapore, this is the place to be. No local Ozzies around, just Malaysians and Singaporeans, all eager to pay to pick cherries (all picked that day, so we couldn't have a go) and strawberries. This is such a commercial touristy place, I'd recommend to avoid it.




Sunny Ridge's scones, at A$10 including tea, are more expensive than the other tourist place, Miss Marples in Dandenong Ranges. But these scones were far better than Miss Marples'.




Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! How did you cook the pipis??

Precious Pea said...

There is a huge cherry farm nearby Sunny Ridge..and it was so much fun plucking and eating. Too busy with that till we never get our bucket full. Hahaha!

Jemapela said...

It looks like you had fun in Melbourne! I'm sure you enjoyed yourselves.

I'm most impressed by the image of strawberries with scones in the background. Your focus was right - it should be the strawberries, not the cream or the scones behind.

Your food images are always good. My tummy needs discipline.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

anony: i didn't know how to get rid of the sand; we threw them away...

preciousp: i think it is part of Sunny Ridge.

jemapela: yes, we did n it was nice meeting n chatting with u. ai, why tt pic of all pic. tt was taken by Yi with our new panasonic point n shoot. surprising huh.d camera i mean.

Will said...

hey - i know this post is old - but can you tell me which beach you went to catch pippies in mornington? venus bay is impossible now a days.

thanks :)

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