Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sushi & Ramen



Last month,Yi's lecturer took some of them to this little Jap sushi restaurant which was previously unknown to them. Surprising, because it is located in the little alley between Myers on Elizabeth Street and the courthouse-like building next to it, which is smack in the middle of the city, sort of. The alley is not long and there are about 5 restaurants, all very simple yet sleek.

The sushi in this restaurant (I didn't get its name!) is the best I've eaten on this trip. That's probably an unfair statement because the other sushi I ate was food court sushi, which sucks. Whatever, the sushi here was yummy and very fresh which explains the slightly higher prices. You lucky people of Melbourne!





On the way back from the wineries, we were all hankering for something hot and soupy because the weather had turned wet and cold. Yi, however, was adamant that we try a vegetarian pay-as-you-feel restaurant. Eat veggies only on a cold night?? In a place where the food probably is so bad they don't have the guts to fix their prices? We all groaned and vetoed her.


So she brought us to Momotaro (since his sister's post on Momotaro, Wey's only reason for going to Melb is to take up Momotaro's Gyoza Challenge. Unfortunately, the challenge has since been terminated.) for ramen. Now, I must confess I compare every bowl of ramen with those I've eaten in Japan and sad to say, I have not had anything that comes close. But haha, that's because I live in KK! Well, well, guess what? Momotoro sucks. You unlucky Melbournians!

Didn't try this because Ming was sitting too far away. On purpose I bet. Think the ramens cost A$9/RM27 and above. Bowls were very big, but only 3/4-filled and of that, half is soup. I found serving sizes in Oz smaller than those in US and Canada. I'd say Oz serving sizes (with the exception of sandwiches, burgers, wraps/rolls) are only about 30% to 40% larger than in Msia. Does anybody agree with me? It's rare to see a slim Ozzie, esp the caucasians. Sitting in my car at the lights, I was amused/alarmed to see people jiggle, shake and bounce as they walk by.

My miso ramen was better than the others, but still very disappointing.

I couldn't eat this because the soup stank of what we call 'pork stink'. If you are Asian, you'll know what I mean. All pork in western countries have that AWFUL pork stink. I'd rather die than drink soup made from western pork bones. However, clever as we Asians are, this problem is easily solved: just buy your pork from Chinese or Vietnamese butcheries. They say it's the male pigs that give that stink but I wonder if it has to do with the feed. You know, as in you are what you eat so you smell what you eat.

Gyoza. If I'm not wrong, these were about A$1.50/RM4.50 each! And they stank too.


The Hinge said...

Hi Terri. What a wonderful blog and such reviews! How do you stay so slim? Please let me know when you get back to KK - would love to introduce to you another site which I think you will enjoy. Elizabeth Aggie chenelizabeth@gmail.com

Christy said...

Nice pictures...the Gyoza sounds expensive, what's in the filling...hehe, did you like them?

Denise said...

eh u're rite! only the male pig stink! and they said is bcuz they didnt "potong" the male's thinG ! and that's why it's so stink! U think that make sense? I dunno, I was told by that too!

Hong Yi said...

"only the male pig stink! and they said is bcuz they didnt "potong" the male's thinG !"


What the!~~! Denise, you make me laugh! LOL... :P

WoMbOk™♂ said...

My mum reminded me about the male pig thing when i went to oz. I will always remember the butcher giving me the odd look when i ask.

"are these bones from a male or female pig."

Lol. But the asian groceries usually have a steady supply of pork bones so it isn't a problem. Hmm..... Ramenz... must take your advice and try the original next time :)

ekeng said...

I think i can't finish 50Pcs gyoza in 20 mins..but i think i can finish 3 bowls of Ramen in 20 mins..haha

Big Boys Oven said...

those shashimi looks heavenly!

Denise said...

Does Wey know that he's the "MODEL" of this blog? *LOlz*
He looks quite smart (lengzhai) in white jacket !

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

Aggie: hi!thanks. i didn't know u have a blog, n way back bfore i could upload pics :) i am not slim anymore...we r back in kk n do give me tt site add.

christy: it was minced pork...no, didn't like it bc it had a slight porky stink.

denise: i really don't know. i must get hold of a pig rearer n solve this once n for all.

yi: tt's our Denise awright, candid as me!

wombok: :D my friend in Melb told me I must try spring lamb. when i got to Brisbane, I went to the butcher n picked out a leg of lamb n asked, "Is tt spring lamb?". An older butcher nearby said "Honey, you get spring lamb in spring and this is summer!" I heard a loud cackle behind me: my two older kids laughing like hyenas.Traitors.

ekeng: i'm a noodle person myself & i think i can eat 3 bowls of ramen (but not momotaro's) in 20 min too...

big boys: yes, their sashimi is comparable with Japan's.

denise: he is still at the age where he won't tell me, "Ma, take that pic of me off pls. I look fat."

Anonymous said...

Hey Terri, I think the place is called KenZen.

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