Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Reminder on Plastics N Stuff

Remember my post on plastics? Now they've found phthalates (pronounced "thowl-ates") in baby talcum powder, lotion, wipes etc. I'm glad I did not dust my boys' little you-know-what with Johnson's baby powder, like most people do in this hot climate, because I just didn't find it necessary. I'm glad now that I didn't have a confinement lady for my 2nd and 3rd child because these ignorant ladies are the ones who love to use talcum powder. I've seen some people talc their babies so much I felt sorry for the babies who were thrashing wildly in a cloud of talc, breathing all that powder in. So, as I told Derrick back in Melb, go simple. Don't have a dozen fancy detergents, softeners and what-have-you when all you need is just one detergent to wash your clothes. Sooner or later the researchers will find out that this or that is harmful. Simplify.

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