Friday, February 15, 2008

Teachers As Barbers

I had been feeling uneasy about Wey since school started because he never seemed to have any homework whereas I'm told some kids stay up till midnight to finish up HW. The second I left my car, I bumped into S, Wey's disciplinary teacher and he said, "Oh, Khang tai, your son's been hauled off this morning for a No.2 cut" "What?? That'great! Why didn't you give him a No.1??" (I almost called him "Comrade", you know how in China you get No.2 hospital or No.5 school). He looked at me, drew back, and said "You support us in this? Some parents get upset!" Why should I get upset when I've been nagging him to cut his hair shorter. And the school is only charging RM10/US$3.

He walked around the house last night with a towel around his head. He said his classmates are calling him 'monk'. I call him 'botak'. I've always quoted my friend Linda, "If mom and Dad can't teach you, let the authorities teach."

P.S. It is a funny scene at pick-up time in Wey's school. Monks playing basketball. Monks throwing out the thrash. Monks crossing the road. Wey said, deadpan, his classmates are greeting him with "Ami tofo" (amitabh). He's one of 4 in a class of 50 who had his head shaved. Although I support the teachers (and he told me its not the teachers who do the cutting, they brought in a barber), I was quite upset to see that there's a No. 3 haircut, a longer and less severe hairstyle. Shouldn't all 'offenders' get the same punishment, especially for 1st timers like Wey? SM Kian Kok, I am disappointed.


bryan said...

Was his hair too long? Or was it for some other reason.

Botak is good, I had my head like that for most of high school, ever since my rugby team decided to do it for team camaraderie.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

his hair was long in front, sticking out around his head like a fan, but short at the back. not tt i'm biased, but i saw some students with much longer hair walking around. but i think d school did me a favor.

yes, botak's cute. i can't help running my hand over his head everytime he's near. i think he'll get lots of ppl doing tt to him in church this sunday.

about the camaraderie thing, i did notice he wasn't very upset n was in fact a bit smug about it "Tea Liang got it too,and so and so." nothing like having company.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

bryan: yes, his hair was deemed long.goodness, would the schools cut students' hair for other reasons?? tt's so bad.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

* Do not bully my little WEY !*

Kid needs some " face - value " in school !

*Giggle* post his pic eh

Hong Yi said...


Anonymous said...

Eva was asked to get her hair cut again yesterday. I think her hair is short enough already. I have seen girls from the same school with longer untied hair. The school should treat every student equally. Raina

Pamela said...

My son (Jerad) keeps his hair short,very short ! hahaha
I am the one asking him to keep it a bit longer hahaha
I think they call Jerad's hair cut a military style (very short).

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

denise: he said he'll box me if i post his botak pic up...i'm so tempted so i can also box him back but then have to give him face, right.

Yi: ya, laugh. rmber Mr Lee n ur T shirt?? who was crying??

raina: WHAT?? her hair is so short alrdy! u shd talk to d discipline teachers. hey, it was such a funny sight when i picked Wey up this afternoon. so many monks playing basketball, cleaning/ throwing thrash, waiting for parents. so many wearing caps and hooded sweaters (like Wey) too. it was a real Valentine's Day hair blitz. i told him, celebrate ur baldness!

Pam: Jerad knows how a real man should look :) don't u find military style hairstyle more macho? i do. all those boys in school today look more masculine. think tt guy in Prison Break, George Clooney n Posh's sidekick when they had real short hair. but then again when men are bald bc of age, it's not the same is it?? they just look old!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

raina: wey said the girls cried when their hair got cut. heck, i feel like crying whenever my hair gets cut at d hairdressers'. i recently asked for a Katie n got a Posh, n was upset for days so i really know how d girls felt.its funny how girls r so emo about their hair but not boys.

Pamela said...

I love when I have my hair cut,even just for a trim. It feels awesome when they massage your scalp when washing hair before the cut.It makes me feel pampered wooo hoooo

ekeng said...

Wey study at TTSS ar??

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

pam: oh i love having my scalp massaged too but i can't stand having to spend so much time at salons so i only go when i look like the wild woman of Borneo (3 x a yr) n even then i go straight to the wash basin :)

ekeng: i made sure he didn't go ttss bc the principal n teachers there so 'liao boo ci' but those at Kian Kok are helpful n nice.

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