Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thanying Restaurant, Singapore

There must be many new and good Thai restaurants in Singapore now but I'm loyal to Amara Hotel's award-winning Thanying Restaurant, which serves excellent Thai food. I try to eat at Thanying whenever I'm in Singapore but have not done so the last few visits. I especially loved their tomyam soup, which to me was the mother of all tomyams. I remember the time I was there with my colleagues K and CL and it became a dare for us to sip each spoonful of the fiery soup. It was torturous, even painful but also thrilling as the soup burnt its way down my throat. The other thing I wanted to eat again was their buffet dessert, which only costs S$8/RM18/US$5 as long as you eat a main course. Considering the prices and small portions of the main dishes, it's good to be careful with your orders here.

Seafood tomyam.

I was disappointed. It wasn't so hot or special anymore

Claypot glass noodles with king prawns

A sign of authenticity to us --slices of belly/bacon at the bottom. This looks like a simple dish but I've never quite gotten it right at home. Love it.

Fried kangkong with fermented soy beans.

I could eat this with a whole plate of plain rice.

Spicy pork ribs.

Although the ribs were tasty, there was hardly any meat on them. Waste of $.

Thai red beef curry

Very delicious with plain rice.

Buffet dessert.

I love Thanying's dessert buffet! Each piece of jelly and cake is delicately decorated, the fruits and jellies carved, and there are so many varieties to choose from. I must say the Thais, of all people, make the most pretty and colorful desserts. And some of the yummiest too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Terri, your that "2 cents" is definitely worth much more than just 2 cents..I'm taking your experience/tips quite seriously. thanx so much for sharing with me on the photography queries which I thrown to you last week. On the topic of best "Laksa" in S'pore, unfortunately Laksa is really not my cup of tea, so I don't really pay much attention to this particular dish. However, I do fancy Thai food tremendously, Tom Yam especially. Thanying is good, in fact, I used to recommend this restaurant to the hotel guests during those days when I was still with the hospitality industry. If you know Tung Lok Group, well, recently I had the most yummy tom yam soup at one of their branches at the East Coast park. Superb!
Another thai dish that I "crazy" about is the " Som Tam" green papaya salad, it's just so addictive.

NEE said...

Wooo the food looks good despite some of your comments. must be photography.

CK-II said...

Thanying is my all-time-favourite Thai restaurant while I was in Singapore. I really miss the food there!

WoMbOk™♂ said...

I lovez Thai Food. Must make a mental note to visit if i am ever in the area.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

anony: here's more tips i gleaned frm other websites:
1. What do u want to focus on? the color, the texture?

2. to make food look 3-D, take from an angle n play with shadows

3. be a food stylist too n use garnishes, plates, towels, flowers to make food pic look good.

ah, if only i can remember all that each time the dish gets cold and the flies come visiting.

i am so surprised tt so many of you know n enjoy Thanying's food!just makes me feel i'm not wrong about the place :)

nee: oh no, i didn't post this fo so long partly bc the pics are terrible. the place was dark n i had to use a flash n the food looked washed out.

ck: you too?!we should eat there sometime!

wombok: me too. love Thai food :)

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