Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lee Wong Kee Seafood

Sometimes I don't know if I should bother to blog about places I don't recommend. But I guess good or bad, this is just my opinion and if you disagree, feel free to say so (but don't hide behind anonymity) and please don't get upset to the point of attacking me as somebody did in my review of Supertanker Restaurant. To prove that dissent doesn't mean disloyalty or whatever, I have chosen not to moderate comments but please do bear in mind that many bloggers do restaurant reviews out of their own pockets so their views are unbiased.

There are several fish noodles coffeeshops in KK serving noodles with fresh fish head and fish everything cooked in a clear stock with fresh tomatoes. The more popular ones are Wan Wan which was very good when it was at Beverley Hills (people are very unoriginal here), but now it is so bad (the fish had a horrible frozen seafood flavor the last time I ate it, about 4 months ago) I wouldn't go even if I'm starving and it's free. There's also Houng Kee in Damai (so-so) and Tung Fong in Inanam, a recent discovery recommended by my gourmet friend Sucy, which is very good. The lunch-time fish noodles stall at Lee Wong Kee Seafood coffeeshop in Hilltop, Luyang (they used to be three doors away, in the middle of the same block. We nearly couldn't find it, not having gone there in a year) seems to be doing well but I found the soup not only very ordinary but it also had a subtle chemical flavor. I won't be going back, not only because the noodles aren't something to blog about or that they are expensive for coffee-shop food, but that the place is downright dirty.

I am finding it harder and harder to eat at coffeeshops that are littered with used tissues that are stuck to the floor when you try to kick them away, that have dirty patches of water on the floor here and there, that wafts of dirty toilets, that have patrons who finish their lunch and, as they walk to their cars, spit at the sidewalk one meter from you. No matter how good the food is, I don't need to endure such disgusting conditions.

This deep-fried fishpaste in beancurd skin is the best dish at Lee Wong Kee's lunchtime stall. The fishpaste is umami/msg-sweet and bouncy and the beancurd skin is crispy and oily (do ask that it be well-fried). Sinfully delicious and affordable at RM3.40/US$1 per plate .

Deep-fried fish roe, which was good today but sometimes can be bland. RM6/US$1.90 per small plate.

7-star grouper soup. RM15/US$4.70. Fish was fresh but there were only 4 small pieces of fish head, a couple of fish-paste balls and slices, and the soup was, well, nothing to tell your mother about.

Mixed fish mifun soup, RM7.50/US$2.30.

Mixed fish tom yum noodles, RM10/US$3. That's expensive, don't you think? Wey said it was good, but then this fella has only recently ventured into eating tom yum.

Still want to give it a try? Lee Wong Kee is a corner shop that faces the main road in Hilltop, Luyang.


Hazza said...

Your TOm Yam noodles look so rich, like a curry laksa. Is it full of seafood inside, at that price?

ekeng said...

kai ma, lee wong kee fish noodle are good..but it's a bit pricey lor..I find out seafood noodle at PJ area are cheaper than Lee Wong Kee..

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

IF this post is for the sake of blogging, then It's alrite

This place is really Highly NOT recommended to go!
1. Dirty & Dirty
2. LOusy food !, YEs LOusy, for me, I guess just buy a fresh groupa, cook with maggie mee wud be good too.
3. Tomato soup base, argh, so so only la, tom yum soup, well, I'm a tom yum lover, I think their soup is only 2.5/5 (No offend to my little Wey)
4. too expensive, yes, they're are. Addtional Fish-maw wud cost u up to RM 20 per bowl!

WELL, if to think to cut down all the trouble in preparing a fish soup, then still can go there de..;p

p/s : I put my comment base on the SHOP, not ur article/post okay dear Terri.

Pamela said...

I would like to say I have been reading your blog for well over a year and love it. I would rather hear you tell the truth about a place you have visited and share it.Everyone doesn't share the same tastes and if we did it would be very boring to eat hahaha. I love the pictures you take,they are totally awesome. If I found a place dirty as you described you would find me running out the door as fast as I could haha.
I wouldn't worry about negative responses to your blog, I think you are doing a truly awesome blog and give you a ^5.

Fooman said...

I usually go to the fish noodle shop in Bandaran Berjaya behind King Park Hotel.

Shan said...

Hi Terri you should give this "famous" cookie recipe a try and see how it works out :

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2 cups brown sugar
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5 cups blended oatmeal
4 eggs
2 tsp.. Baking powder
2 tsp. Vanilla
3 cups chopped nuts (your choice)

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Hong Yi said...

read this :)

Hong Yi said...

mummy, i suddenly miss you very very much :((((

all i want to do now is watch some silly Korean series with you on our couch, and then accompany you to the market. and talk about random stuff. that would be nice. that would be very nice.

oh WHYYY do we have to be separated for so long? I suddenly feel like a polar bear cub that has grown up, and is forced to go hunt by itself in the wild, without its mummy beside it :(

Precious Pea said...

Hi Terri!!! Am back in business (as in back to blogging world). Great write-up, love the intro and i hope Mr Anonymous will not strike again. Good things must be shared, bad things the same too.

Junkgirl said...

The noodles look so tasty....

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hazza: i think it was mostly fish paste stuff. seafood isn't cheap in Sabah, an exporter of seafood.

ekeng: exactly. Sabah has always had higher living costs. they always blame it on us being isolated but then so is Sarawak, yet it has a much lower livoing cost.

denise: tonight i cooked fish head soup for the 1st time since Ming requested it. it is very easy, n a big success. so there's no need to suffer these dirty shops anymore.

pamela: i love ur comments! :D

fooman: ok, will try if i'm in town , thanks for rec.

shan: i had just printed the same recipe frm Hungry Hamster's blog, but thanks for telling me. If i make them, u'll be sure to get some :)

yi: oh no. don't do tt. baby cub shd come home in July when ming's done with exams n we can all go holiday. make up ur mind n give ur bosses notice soon.

preciousp: nice meeting up with u :) n thanks about Mr Anony.

junkgirl: looks r deceiving most times :) but the noodles were ok, not bad or good.

Agnes said...

I never know they sell Fried Fish roe there. My family stop going there because the soup had these strong chlorine smell! bad bad :S Not to mention they are getting pricey than ever.

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