Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Truly Evil

This has got to be the most evil father, grandfather, husband ever. Words are beyond me.



Precious Pea said...

So sick and inhuman act! Total disgust!

Hong Yi said...

That's probably the sickest, most disturbing piece of news I've heard in my life.

juraiza said...

Yes I've read it and couldn't believe.20 years?

and the wife didn't suspect anything.

Anyway I'm new and have been silent reader for the past month.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

it's really hard to imagine what kind of person would to this. personally, i don't believe the grandma doesn't know.

2 weeks ago a UMS student was nabbed by two men in a car as she walked with her friends to church. the men were high on drugs n liquor. the girl was badly beaten, bitten, abused and still in shock.evrybody is enraged about this senseless brutal crime. the 2 guys have now been sentenced to whipping n 48 years jail or something like tt n many ppl are asking tt they be whipped in public so tt it'll deter others. i am flabbergasted by the level of naivety in ppl. do u think these criminals r normal ppl who will cringe at being shamed in public?? and tt will deter others?? i say the best thing is whip their freaking pricks off, and i mean it.

Hong Yi said...

ei! news reporter already ah?


how come u didnt call me last night? :(

i had a very disturbing dream last night. part of it, i knew was just a dream, but the other part, i know may happen one day :(

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