Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dim Sum At WK Restaurant


Yes, groan, another dim sum post! I have to blog this, so you guys can hurry there and keep the place running. Not many people know that WK Restaurant near Dowish Restaurant (now what kind of a name is that?? Do I say "Dow-ish" or "Do-wish", or just "Dowsh"?), Bundusan/Swamp Road in Penampang has new chefs, rumored to be from a Brunei restaurant and from Promenade Hotel, and all-new menus for dim sum, lunch and dinner. I've only been there for dim sum, twice, but I'm told dinner's very good too.

Early last year, we had a flurry of new restaurants when Warisan Square opened. There were also a couple of good dim sum places I blogged about, HK City Restaurant and Royal Palace Restaurant. HK City Rest. has since kaput and Royal Palace seems to be following suit too, which is sad because their dim sum when they first opened was so good people lined up for months to eat it. On a recent visit, Royal Palace wasn't even opened for dim sum breakfast until 11 am. Such is the state of affairs in KK when it comes to restaurants. I sure hope with 1 Borneo up, Warisan Square will have a wakeup call. The place is crammed and cheapened with side stalls left, right and center and recently they've put up a glass cage in front of Times Bookstore, right on the road. I can't understand how they got the approval (if they got one at all) to erect a clear glass section right on the road. There's always bound to be some clumsy, reckless (men) drivers who can't tell especially at night that that's glass walls sticking out. My dog ran into our glass slding door, so did my brother and they weren't strangers to my house.

Whenever someone tells me they like the dim sum at Foo Ping, I put them into a Foo Ping dim sum lovers box. I've only been there once and it was enough. Nearly all their dim sum were deep-fried and most of their items such as siu mai seemed factory-made (I know somebody who gets them from the same supplier in Kolombong) and the golden test, the ha gow, failed miserably. The ha gow skin was mushy, the prawns were powdery and minced and mushy, and that made me sulk all the way home (at my age, you shouldn't eat anything not worth eating).

Forget about hotel dim sum. Dim sum without pork is like curry without spices. So, as far as I know, WK Rest. has the best dim sum in town. For now. Although the dimsum is not served in a steaming trolley, which I prefer for that nostalgic traditional feel, your orders will arrive piping hot and freshly made. Another thing I love is that they serve mustard sauce which is a must for ha gow. Funny thing, mustard sauce with dim sum must be a Sabah thing because I don't find it anywhere else, not even Hong Kong. Oh, another nice thing is the dim sum size--not too big or small.

Medium-thick cheong fun (rice flour rolls), the way it should be, with prawns. The cha siu cheong fun was too thin.

Sui gow/dumplings in superior soup with (fake) sharks' fins. Despite all the hype, it didn't taste so special.

Siu mai. Good size, not too big or small.

Ha gow, my favorite. The prawns were crunchy and skin soft yet slightly chewy.

Prawns in tofu skin.

Steamed beef tripe. Soft yet chewy.

Tuaran mee, RM12 for a small portion that was more like medium.

Hum sui gok (salty water corners??) are deep-fried glutinous rice puffs with a meat filling. Light crisp outside, soft sticky inside, very tasty.

Steamed chicken feet with black beans. Fun to eat.

Oh I love this for the texture of the wrapper, which is supposedly bamboo pith although in Sichuan I read that it is a type of fungus.

Ah, steamed pork ribs with black beans. This always reminds me of my father, and his special treat for me whenever we go for dim sum. Because I was a skinny child, he'd always order "pai guet" (bones) for bony me, and me only, and my 4 other siblings could only look on...

All that, plus a few more baskets of dim sum, for RM73.10 for 4 people.


Hungry Hamster said...

Hey Terri,

I've nominated you for the Yummy Blog Award. If you'd like to join in...
1. Write a post including the sentence "The Yummy blog award is an award given to blogs with yummy recipes/photos."
2. Write about a couple of your favourite desserts (at home or eaten out).
3. Pass the award on to a couple of your favourite yummy blogs.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

how can anyone be bored with dim sum??? beef tripe? thats quite a rare 1 here in kl..very common in hk n australia though..

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

U remind me of my 2 sisters too. Both of them 'were' skinny when they're young.Mum was really overworried, then always fed them with drumsticks!! (now 2 of them are just well-fed +fat) and ended one I'm the one who ate & still eating chicken breast meat, bcuz mum says I'm quite Huge when born!
( still until todate, i m still that H.)

wmw said...

I can also use another dim sum post! I love ham sui kok!

bryan said...

Just the other day I was lamenting to a friend that we both had no idea where to go for good dim sum. (We were eating at Four Seasons at the time. Food is so-so and the service is still abysmal.) I'll have to give WK Restaurant another a shot it's been many years since I been there.

BTW that oyster omelette place starts with a T.

triShie said...

how do you stay SO slim surrounded by all these beautiful foods???!!!

a feast, everyday said...

Been there about two years ago, dim sum were so so then and never been back since. Must revisit now...

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hungry hamster: how long shd the post be??

joe: yes, agree, i can never be bored with dim sum too. yes, wk's dim sum seems more hk n oz than sabah or malyasian dim sum. yay!

denise: what u need is some worms, like me.

wmw: great mutual mouths! i'm going to make some hsk soon :0

bryan: T for terrible or terrific?? has the anaesthetist (sp?) been cooking for u recently? looking at how much they make, better tt u guys eat out n save her time!

trishie: i am not slim. i just appear to be so...

a feast: better go b4 they change again!

bryan said...

Haha no it was a judgement on the place, but instead of Dong Fung it should Tong Fung. I think that's the name anyway I remembered it started with a T. I enjoyed the oyster omelette as well as the sayur manis. Tasted like they had the wok hot enough!

At the moment am in Singapore with the aneaetethist, she actually has no time to cook heh we so eat out all the time. We are going to Bali tomorrow!

Jeri said...

I've been looking for the tripe dim sum recipe for ages & found this :

Just thought you might enjoy it :) I luuuuurve tripe...

terri@adailyobsession said...

jeri: thanx for the info. i've looked at the recipe & it looks yummy, i think it's a good one but i'm not sure if i want to cook smthing 3-4 hrs which i can't eat a lot of :) u go ahead.

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