Saturday, July 5, 2008

Archie De Corner

Black pepper sirloin steak.

Archie De Corner has been around for quite a while, serving local western food such as chops and steaks. Right now located at Kedai Kopi Sin Hing Fatt in the Taman Cantek shoplots (behind Lido), the restaurant is the typical plastic chairs and tables non-air-con coffeeshop with bright fluorescent lights and menus stuck on the wall. Not exactly where he should take you for a romantic dinner, but perfect if you feel like greasing your tummy with the most unhealthy but cheap and tasty western food. I say unhealthy because the meal is greasy, with your chicken chops and fries deep-fried in over-used oil that looks as black as soy sauce, there's no fresh fancy veggies with your orders but canned baked beans and pineapple (both very sweet), and the salt and sugar levels can push you into a stroke or diabetic fit before you've even finished your meal. Having said all the negative, now let me show you the positive about Archie:

Chicken chop, RM13/US$4

The two biggest pieces of chicken wing-breast portions I've ever seen, battered to absorb all that black oil. Wey could only finish one piece of chicken.

Sirloin steak with black pepper sauce, RM25/US$8.

This tasted nearly like those American steakhouse steaks: nicely charred outside and quite flavorful (but don't expect too much; this must be frozen meat) considering the price and the fact that at about 3.5cm thick, it was the thickest steak I've ever eaten in KK. I've eaten much smaller and less flavorful (by that I mean the meat, not the sauce) steaks in fancy hotels for more than twice the price, so this is quite something. It was tender, a little too cooked inside (although we asked for it to be done medium) and therefore dry, and the black pepper sauce was good but too salty for us. I asked that they spare us the fries.

Grilled lamb chops RM14/US$4.40.

Again, these are the thickest (nearly 2 cm) lamb chops in town and I love that they're not pathetically 1cm thin like everywhere else. This is Archie's best item, hands down. The chop was tender and so tasty so that even though the mint sauce was too sweet, Archie's forgiven. Fries were waived at our request, price remained the same.

When you consider the fact that only the meat is worth eating, the price is still very reasonable. The only thing that stops me from eating there more than once a year would be the thoughts of clogged arteries and hospital bills. If you aren't bothered with that, this place is pretty good especially the lamb chops.

Note: On a return visit, we found Archie's pork belly chop very very delicious (but salty)!


Katie said...

Pineapple slices and baked beans seem like strange accompaniments to those meals. Are they the norm?

ganache-ganache said...

Even coffee shops are charging RNM25 for a sirloin steak now, steak is one meat dish that I've always wanted to cook but can't bring myself to, considering that the prices of frozen tenderloin are so high in KK, so we always stick to Coast or Peppino, at least you can send it back if it's not cooked up to your liking.........

bryan said...

Baked beans or corn and peas is quite the norm, haven't come across the pineapple anywhere else besides Archie's tho.

Thanks for letting us know where it's at now, gonna go there soon! Have yet to try that ngau chap at Damai tho.

Agnes said...

Archie De Corner. My Dad have been hunting for this for years. We went to eat there once and fell in love with it but it went missing and we can't find it till now!!! Dad is happy!!! :D

Replying back your previous msg, she is my cousin but I have her more like a sister to me. Her cooking is amazing isn't she? :)

Precious Pea said...

The lamb chop looks good and shiny! Wow..chicken chop portion looks big too! Good deal!

Rasa Malaysia said...

I miss the canned's so Malaysian. Yummy!

BTW, I will be going to KK later this year, you will have to tell me where to get the best seafood, without being ripped off. ;)

Also, I see that you are not with any advertising program, if you wanted to make some free money from a US ad network, let me know and I can refer you. You can email me.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Yeah I went there Last Friday nite, rainy day, and ordered this Lamb Chop! WOW!!! ThumbS UP!!!! I actually use my hands to eat these lamb chops! hahah, sooo juicy sweet!

But frankly speaking, the fries, can pineapple and the quality of the baked beans tt they served were OUT .

jC said...

Have a look at my blog, i put up a picture of my favourite steak :D Probably could buy a dinner for everyone in kk. haha. A$35 i think.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

katie: no no not the norm here but archie's taking easy way out using canned food.

Ganache:coast is expensive n portion too small, but food's good n i love the decor. has peppino gotten better recently?

bryan: hey, a big backlog of places to eat. can u rec me any good eating places in Sing? going next week. i want a GOOD bowl of Sing laksa.ask anaesthetist?

agnes: hey, i like this new photo; very very pretty :) about lilyann, she's a damn good photographer as well!

pp: the chicken chop was like two of my fists! more like a turkey chop...

rasam: hey, contact me b4 u come n i can give u some info & would love to meet up if u have time. $ frm blogging sounds great. I'll write u soon, thanks:)

denise: yes, the lamb's the best around. i'm thinking, next time i'll bring my own salad n bread. tt'll be next yr!

jc: gosh, tt looks superb, n i love m/rooms. tell him to teach u!

Fooman said...

I still like Pete's Corner in Asia City. Portions aren't as big, but the stuff doesn't look like its been fried in leftover oil from the big fried chicken chain.

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