Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 1 Sing

I am sick. We arrived around noon and went out immediately but I felt weak, nauseous and lethargic. I thought it was because I was too hungry so we dived into Cartel, a local chain restaurant that serves western food. It reminds me of Pizza Hut. My BIL, who's also with us, loves the food and I don't and I can see we are polar opposites so the next few days will be quite a tussle when we decide where to eat.

By 5pm, I was finding it hard to talk and walk so I just sat down with my eyes closed like the old lady I am while the boys walked around. We were in Suntec City. I must tell you, you can skip the place. It is so old and boring. My nauseousness was getting worse, I wondered what they'll do to me if I puke there and then. You know what they say about Singapore being a 'fine' city. Went into the loo, instinctively turning up the hems of my pants as I stood in the line. But the toilet was dry, so different from those in Malaysia. Don't you just hate wet toilets? Why can't they make toilets for people who wash and people who wipe, just as we have restaurants that serve oink and those that don't?

We left Suntec and walked to Bugis Junction, which was livelier and the shops better. I remembered a reader had told me that the best buffet was at The Olive Tree in Bugis and we went up and down for over 40 minutes asking people but nobody knew the place. They also couldn't pronounce it. "Ohriftree??" Finally I asked a white lady and she said it was next to Hotel Continental. We spent another sweaty 20 minutes searching until Hub went into the hotel and there it was. Priced at S$45++, the buffet tonight was meditteranean. However, I had absolutely no appetite, and was nearly unable to walk by then, and BIL was in one of his weird moments when he decided (correctly) that he needed to loose weight. In the end, we ended up in some Jap teppanyaki restaurant in Bugis Junction. I couldn't eat, not even a grain of rice. I was totally out, shivering and nauseous. In my mom's words, "Can't eat even if they serve you dragon meat." I wished I was home in KK. And I started praying that I get better by tomorrow because what good is a food blogger if she can't eat?

I am a light traveller. I have gone on shopping trips with only 3 pieces of clothing--and ended up wearing them over and over because I couldn't find anything I like. My friend W is the opposite. I once went shopping with her in HK. She had all kinds of meds, safety pins etc but I was amazed by the gadget she whipped out the last day of the trip. It was a weighing scale, the spring kind. The way she put it, it was downright abnormal not to bring scales when you travel. Hmm. I travel so light I use shampoo as bath gel and body lotion as face cream. Sometimes I don't even bring a towel but since it is environmentally incorrect to use too much paper, I now do. (Advice on undies and shower cap deleted, at the request of my embarrassed daughter).

I was going to post a picture of the chawan mushi the boys had tonight but realize I don't have a USB. So, goodnight, dear friends and do pray that I get better and hungry tomorrow.


jC said...

Hope you get betteR! will be praying!

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

OMG ! U DId that? U put on ur old lacey undie on ur head?!?!?!?! /ah!!
U R quite 'candid' here! HAHAHAHHA
u know when i travel, I will count, 1 day = 3 undies. (morning bath, noon change, night shower)
so 6 days trip = 18 undies.
and I find it's quite hard to dry clean my thingy from hanging on the string in the hotel bathroom too. so no wash.

b said...

Hey Terri! poor thing... hope you're feeling better today..

prob good choice to pick Sing for this trip...though KL does have her own 'ruggedness' and uniqueness...I was caught in the jam on Monday for 2 hours with the road blocks.. so much wasted time and fuel.

see you soon and have a wonderful time in Sing.

hongyi said...


im texting u. right NOW.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well im sure a panadol n some sleep shud get u thru..

its sickening when u r sick on a holiday rite?

Johnathan said...

Hi Terri

Its so unfortunate that you are sick on your trip (I had my fair share during Bangkok 2006 bombing... yes, bombing while I'm there).

From the symptoms that you mentioned, either you had food poisoning or maybe even stomach flu with both leading towards dehydration. Definitely had to avoid dairy stuffs, oily food, citrus fruits and gotta drink more water.

You are not only graphic, but also candid and straightforward (Must be a "B" blood type person).

Anyway, do get well soon. It IS horrible to be sick during your holiday trip.

p/s- Where is the hotel that you are putting up in located? In the city area?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Thanks for the tip on undies. Guess it doesn't apply to the stringy variety. :-P I shall be sure to try it the next time. :-P Incidentally, I am just like you when I travel. I go with a near empty suitcase with 2 bottoms and 3 tops and pray that I can buy some nice clothes when I'm there. And yes, I do the same thing with the shower gel too. Can use to bath, wash hair, wash face and wash undies. Hehe. Surprisingly, I am the exact opposite when I'm at home. (My beauty routine alone takes 6 steps!)

Get well soon!!

Rei said...

Terri, hope you're feeling better. Thanks for the undie tips.. ahahaha~~

Precious Pea said...

Oh dear..sound like you are falling sick soon. I hope you have plenty of rest instead of trying to maximise your day outdoor.

emily.T said...

Dear God,
Please make sure Terri feels better tomorrow...Also, do remember to give her strengh and appetite to enjoy food in Singapore!

singaporean said...

sorry to hear that you are sick! i hope you get well soon so you can enjoy the rest of yr holiday!

and ah it seems like you went to all my most-disliked places in singapore hehe. suntec and bugis had their hey-days in the 90's; today they are forgotten and less popular. probably best if you head for the fine-dining restaurants or small niche cafes/retaurants, and avoid the 'western fod' chain stores (which tend to serve mediocre food).

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

jc: am much better,thnx.


b: how's baby? missing home yet?

yi: ok ok, i goofed. i can't believe i wrote tt too, was thinking of it all day. missing u--smell of ur hair, ur presence,ur sweetness compared to the boys' nonchalance--very much. want u home.

joe: oh, it is truly awful to be sick anytime! it takes the joy off everything.

johnathan: wrong! i'm O blood type, like to speak my mind too much. ok, i was temporarily insane, as my girl puts it, even she can't see me doing what i said i did!i was just trying to be funny...oh, thnx for ur advice..u sound like a B blood type.

we're staying in a nice 3storey hse in Serangoon. better than hotels!

lemongrass: u making me laugh! r u as crazy as i am? hm, sounds like u r usin SK II or some Jap skincare. Bald Eagle very patient man.

rei: oh, tt was a joke! pls pls don't quote me...

pp: u know, i think it was tt glass of red dragonfruit i drank just b4 the trip. amazing cleanser tt. i'm down to 56.4 kg, yay!maybe,just maybe, i can squeeze into those teeny weeny sing clothes.

emily: so sweet of u :) amen!

singaporean: tell me where to go! clarke quay or boat quay? east coast rd or amoy st? yes, i agree about the chain restaurants; dislike them too.see, like i said, ive always found sing food to be better in the hotels n finer rest whereas in kl it's street food.

lin said...

Yeah I agree Suntec is boring, I like Marina though. I like to go IMM @ Jurong, and I can spend hours in Daiso =p

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