Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 3 Sing: Breakfast & Lunch

We happened to be near Thompson Rd early this morning so I asked the taxi driver to send us to Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice at Novena Ville, recommended by a reader. However, it was too early for their opening time of 10.30 am so we walked half a block up and found the only coffee shop opened, Whitley Rd Prawn Mee Restaurant.

Prawn noodles with pork liver, S$8.

My appetite had returned, and this tasted better than anything I've had so far. I especially like that they have crisp pork fat crackling which is never found in Sabah/Malaysian prawn noodles. The others thought it was just "alright" and I have to agree, because the soup was lukewarm and didn't bring out the flavor of the prawns shells and heads that made the base of the soup.


Hub had the prawn yellow mee while Ming had this, pork ribs prawn noodles. These were S$8 per bowl (S$5 for small prawns, S$8 for medium large prawns, S$10 for large prawns)

A plate of greens is always welcome.

We had lunch at Cova, which is at the ground floor of Paragon. This place was recommended by Hub's SIL, and it was very good but the portion was small.

Foccacia to start.

Linguine with olives, asparagus and cherry tomatoes, S$19++.

I was still full, and picked a salami sandwich, S$14++.

Not very good. I don't like salami which I find too greasy. I wanted parma ham but that is served with 'milk bread' and I wanted panini although this is the most pita-looking panini I've ever seen...

Baked sea bass

Hub took advantage of the fact that I forgot to control his diet and ordered the set lunch, which came with a choice of soup or antipasti, main course, coffee or cake, S$32++. He'll suffer when he goes home 5 kg heavier. Anyway, this is baked sea bass, wonderfully fresh and moist. Yum.

Roasted duck breast.

Another main course which my BIL had. I had a bite and oh, this was excellent, wonderfuly flavored, tender and moist! I highly recommend this.

Risotto with porchini and Barolo sauce (S$25++)

On looks alone this would've failed but you know what, this is the best risotto we've ever tasted. The flavor and taste was so superb, Ming wanted to speak to the chef. I don't think I can ever cook a risotto half as good as this. And they have fresh porchinis in Singapore!


I chose the sacher torte, which is the signature cake of Cova. It was very good, but I actually preferred the next piece:


Good old cheesecake, not too light or heavy, fresh and extremely yummy.

p.s. Cova's shelves of cakes remind me of Brunetti's in Melbourne, only Cova's cakes are finer, more exquisite. I shouldn't have asked if I could take photos of the cakes because when I did, the answer was no. This is the second time, first time being China, when I've been told that photo taking is not allowed. I think it's because Asians guard their 'inventions' too possessively even if it's just the way a dish is decorated. As if taking a photo will reveal the recipe. Hmmph!


Johnathan said...

I'll say Terri, your photos' exposure and lightings are perfect! Did you use a DSLR? Hope I could get my hand on one of the babies.

You sure did order a lot! Amazing that you don't grow to the proportion you eat, unlike me... sigh~!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

johnathan: we're on same time :) not using a dslr. i'm using a panasonic lumix fz50 which haha looks like a dslr but is not. i checked out the nikon D80 today but didn't like tt it doesn't have a live view whereas the canon 450 has. for now canon seems to win over nikon in entry-level dslrs but i've always wanted a nikon..thnx for tt compliment,i don't do the food justice!

i think i've gained whatever i've lost the 1st day :( u shd see what we had for tea n dinner. i'm nearly bursting. we r torturing ourselves eating this way..i wanted to call but we got home 10:30.

Lianne said...

Hi Terri,

if you get the chance, try and stop by Brussel's Sprout in Robertson Quay. The place is managed by Emmanuel Stroosbant, the fame Chef in Black. They are famous for Belgium stuff like Mussels. The riverside view is not too bad too.

Anonymous said...

lianne: robertson quay? tt must be new bc i've only been to boat and clarke quays. i'll note tt bc my son loves mussels. so much to eat so little time, makes me panic...

john: hey, i just got up n i wish i knew the church's walking distance away! i'll tell hub's SIL so she can check it out. i may be ack in sept when my girl transits frm melb to kk. GBU n wifey n have a great day!


Anonymous said...

hmm that pork liver does not look appetising.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

But, u oredi finished taking all pics b4 u're told not to wor.. ;D~

yummy food!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

same cova as the 1 opened in KL bcoz i definitely want to try the risotto!

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