Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What A Month!

I arrived in Hong Kong yesterday afternoon with Hub. HK is wonderful! It is vibrant, congested, trendy, exciting, and most of all, there is food, food, food everywhere! My grandparents were from here, my parents lived here a couple of years and my older siblings were born here. I've visited my grandparents often when they were alive so Hk is almost like my second hime. Btw, we are so fortunate because a Level 9 (10 being highest) typhoon just passed through, hitting HK last Saturday. Ivy-Pea, I keep thinking of you whenever I'm eating!! Will post when I have time!
We have some business to attend to tomorrow so I can't stay online too long but hey, I just found out that Anwar won! Yippee! I don't know whether he'll be a good PM (if he gets to be one), but I think I speak for most Malaysians when I say we'll take Anwar over whatever we now have.

This month we've had the Beijing Olympics. In the 2 weeks that the Games were held, 2 big conmen of the Christian world were 'outed': Todd Bentley, homosexual-rapist of a 7-year-old boy (let's not mince words), drug addict, alchoholic (all the while apparently), adulterer, fake healer and class one liar. Mike Guglielmucci, liar and actor-preacher-Christian song-writer who pretended to be sick with (bone?) cancer so his songs about miracle healing will sell. Together they have wrought tremendous destruction in the Christian community, causing many now to be confused, angry and cynical. While I am not gloating, I am happy that these people are exposed, and I strongly believe God was so griefed that He said "I've given them grace enough!" Before you say why judge them, I'll tell you that preachers should be examples of what God wants a person to be and not the other way around. It's one thing to sin or fall into temptation, but to live a double life purposefully to deceive peole in God's name is another thing. It is painful, but we can grow stronger in faith without these con artists around, diverting us from the real focus--God. I have written a longer post on this but will need time to edit. I have not spoken out publicly (see my short comment last May) before this because the Christian community here and everywhere is very defensive. But not as defensive as the extremist religion where death threats are common ways to stifle and control everybody. This is why Christianity even at a time like this, is still strong.

God is great!


Fooman said...

Indeed a timely reminder to look to Jesus, not the 'superstars' or human 'idols'. One blow to the 'older' people and another to the youth. Indeed God is shaking us and dismantling the vanity that man has built up.

If anything, I've been reminded over the past week the importance of building deep, strong, foundations and substructures in our lives.

Before we pile on the external superstructures. We may be able to build high, but we won't last long.

I look at myself and see all this as a gentle reminder to me.

Have fun in HK. Are you sure I can't persuade you and Uncle Wedge to play paintball? Heheh. :)

Anonymous said...

Well said, Terri. Have fun in HK.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Terri. Have fun in HK.

Precious Pea said...

How's the weather there? Hot?

Enjoy your trip, do think of me when you are feasting yourself with the yummy food there and eat on my behalf. Sniff!

Anonymous said...

It's because of these rapist Priests, these so called holy men representing God, I don't go to church anymore, nor do I confess my sins in church. I do believe in God and I pray and confess to God directly and privately. No more church nonsense.

Anonymous said...


Are they more undeserving of grace than we are because of the 'extent' of their sin?

Is there an 'extent' of sin?

The consequences they face, definitely greater. The extent of the damage they caused, definitely greater.

Yet, does HIS grace exclude (i quote)homosexual-rapists of a 7-year-old boy, drug addicts, alchoholics, adulterers, fake healers and class one liars?

"The Lord DISCIPLINES those He LOVES..."
To allow them to continue living successfully in their lies & hardened hearts would be where God says 'enough'.
To expose their sins and bring them to harsh consequences is a mere act of a loving Father disciplining His children, no?

-A sinner saved by grace-

CK-II said...

Hi Terri, Nikon D90 has just been announced today. It looks like a very decent camera with a decent price. Do check it out while you are in HK. :)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

fooman: amen!paintball sounds fun, we'll see..if i don't extend my stay in hk

r: u know me

pea: yes, i do have u put some kind of charm on me or what?? food=ivy. but smthing terrible happened this aftnoon--we r both very down n i've lost my appetite. watch out for my next post.

anon: no, dear, do not let other ppl stumble you. my girl was very upset n i even dreamt about d whole thing n when i woke up, it was so clear to me: my faith isn't shaken by all these cheating preachers. Our God remains the same, his Word remains unchanged. it's the fault of humans.i think ppl like u n my daughter r too innocent n want to believe in an ideal world. old ginger like me know tt there r loads of greedy evangelists n ambitious preachers so we rn't so devastated about these things.

anon: well, i'm confident enough to say when my time comes, i won't be judged for the same sins as Todd. even if God forgives, tt doesn't mean he won't judge bc the Bible says tt God will judge each one of us. however, i think tt if Todd genuinely repents, then God forgives (but still judges n sentences accordingly, do u get me??) n tt would be wonderful. but I'm not succumbing to the "who dares throw the first stone?" threat used by many leaders to stop ppl from calling out for responsible behavior.

ck: thanx, i just checked dpreview n it's true! i asked the shops at causeway bay just now n none of them know about it! but d cam will only be out end of sept. yes, the review says tt this is an excellent cam!! i also asked a friend in hk about the d300 n he said it's HEAVY, which is not what i want. also, i heard tt hk cam r not warranted in msia. if i get it in singapore, will the warranty cover msia, do u know?

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...
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