Friday, November 28, 2008

7 Things You Don't Need to Know About Me

Lorrine of Ganache has tagged me. I'm new to this so bear with me.

1. I am ophiophobic. I can't look at snakes even on TV and magazines, or wear a pair of snakeskin Louboutin even if given to me free. And if Wey touches a photo of a snake and then touch me, I'd cry like crazy and scrub my skin off where he touched.

My father would swear at me ("Sui nui bao!!" which means 'bad daughter', and can be a term of endearment or disgust, depending on the tone used) when I suddenly shrieked at pictures of snakes in newspapers. He said I 'shock him to death' many times. I'm sure it wasn't me that last time. When Yi was a 2-year toddler, she discovered my phobia and chased me around the dining table with a copy of National Geographic which had pictures of these terrifying creatures.

My next fear is flying. Every time I fly, especially on take-off, I'm 99% sure it'll be the last time. I'll wonder if I'll be one of those who dies or one of those who just made it, intact, and I'd regret getting angry over small things. And I wonder too what happens to all my shopping, or the jewelry I'm wearing so I don't wear my favorite things when I travel. Once when we were taking off (the moment I hate most), I opened my eyes momentarily and saw the big guy next to me with his eyes closed, fists clenched white on the arms of the chair and praying frantically. I guess my phobia isn't that bad because although he heightened my fear, I still found him funny.

My 3rd fear (so I actually am giving you 3 in 1) is blue murky water, especially pictures of it taken underwater. So bad that I panic even at the sight of the underwater scene mural at Sutera's Marina Club. I never sit facing it.

I have a slight fear of National Geographic magazines (which I enjoy, the mags I mean), which Hub subscribes. It always has pictures of snakes and underwater scenes.

2. I love potato chips. Lays. Smiths. I've been gripped by a craving for potato chips since last week and I WANT TO KNOW WHY WE DON"T GET LAYS OR SMITHS potato chips here! I don't want those perfect, reconstituted Lays chips in a tube. I want those in a bag, sliced off a potato. Our local potato chips suck! "All I want for Christmas is a bag of Lays, a bag of Smiths..."

3. I was depressed turning 29. The end of youth. But I like myself most (physically) at 35. I wish I am 35 every day. I still get greeted as "Ah Moi" (Miss) when I go to the market. Swear. That lifts me up. I am vain. Then my daughter goes out with me and I'm "Aunty". I am afraid of the day she brings a baby along and I am addressed as "Ah Niong". Oh no.

4. I wish I could get Scrabble partners. I never played with Hub again after he won a game against me, to my disbelief, and then, he stood up, and extra tiles fell to the floor. I still can't believe he did that to me.

5. I love my children, my husband, my loved ones (siblings, mom, nephews & nieces) and my friends. Achievements and material things are nice but they are fleeting and meaningless if the people I love are not there. I also love waking up late, rainy days sitting out with a hot coffee and a mag, entertaining & dining with friends, talking with my girl while picking her pimples (don't tell her derm doc!), hugging & sniffing my Wey, peaceful moments with my big boy Ming, Hub's good nature, reliabillity and brains, choc truffles and flowers and nature and no big problems.

6. I wish there's no war, no racism, no crimes, no global warming and no hunger. And no injustice. When I finally meet Jesus, I want to know why He made us. 'Purpose Driven Life' and all other explanations only tell us to make the most of ourselves. I want to know WHY because so far, I've not heard any good satisfactory reasons.

7. I want to travel, write a book, live until 85 and have grandchildren from each of my kids.

I am to tag 7 others who are to pass this on. Make sure you provide the names and link the websites. You are to tell us 7 things (or 70, disguised as 7, like I just did) about yourself.

1. ? of Hungry Hamster
2. Yi of Animate
3. Joe of Lots Of Cravings
4. Ivy of Precious Pea
5. Meena of Lemongrass
6. Ming of A Thought To Share
7. Zurin of Cherry On Cake


Shan said...

Hi Terri - I feel you on the chips part. I love Dorito's cooler ranch flavour but my ultimate undoing is Cheetos. Cheezy, orangy finger-staining Cheetos...


Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

ha! U don't love ur in-laws? ur MIL ? (giggle)

Hong Ming said...

MOM!!! I think I need a SLR! Can u pass me the Lumix? =( My camera sucks....

Precious Pea said...

Try guessing one of my all-time fav movie? ANACONDA!!!!

Momsiecal said...

fear of murky underwater? haha, i thought i was the ONLY one! I tried snorkelling a few years back and the minute the water wasn't clear, I had a mini panic attack. yes, i hate looking at underwater scenes on tv or on books/mags too...

yes, lays and smith chips are the best...:-)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

shan: where do u get this cheetos? i like cheezels & those round orangy cheese balls too. i don't see dorito's chips, but smtimes tong hing carries the nachos. if u see any good chips, let me know. i tried kettle--no no esp the salt n vinegar.

denise: can consider friends mah..

ming: u do well in exams, n i'll see about the camera, deal?

pp:why am i not surprised? u know how many times u've scared the s--- out of me with ur snake posts??? do u eat snakes too??

momsiecal:high 5 on the murky water n the chips!good to know u are out there :DD

Capt Tom Bunn LCSW said...

There is a reason why you are 99% sure you will crash. Here is how it works. The first time you imagine your flight will crash, you probably are well aware that what you are experiencing is imagination. Why? Because imagination takes a certain amount of mental work -- as, for example, compared with memory. When remembering something, it just pops into the mind. But when imagining, you have to construct what you imagine.

Here is the problem. Once you imagine flight disaster a few times, you MEMORIZE that.

Once you memorize what you have been imagining, then when it comes to mind, there is no sense of the effort which gives you a clue that you are dealing with imagination.

Since it has been memorized, it just pops into the mind, and it seems -- not imaginary -- but factual.

And since this is a "fact" from the future, it seems like an omen.

There are ways to prevent this. And, there are ways to completely control the flight anxiety, and even panic. Please take a look at the video I have at or email me. I'm sure I can help.

lily zhu said...

hi, terry. i'm rendering your dream ketchin now. i already send the pictures to your email address.
please check it.

ganache-ganache said...

Hey, we are in the same boat, I'm so so terrified of snakes ever since I was a child !!! In fact any wriggly creature, maggots, worms, even those tiny green worms on leafy greens, I'll put the vege down & shout for Tina, my helper, to get those worms off & guess what I'm into organic vege ! But the most terrifying is still snakes !!

Agnes aka Ric3y said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Agnes aka Ric3y said...

I love chips too! Can't get enough of them!! Lays are really yummy ever since I had them at China that I even brought them home!!

Ruffles chips are yummy too specially the Cheddar Chips and Sour Cream flavour but they didn't sold anymore at Lintas

Agnes aka Ric3y said...

Oops I mean by Cheese*

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

lily! i've got it, the pics r beautiful, tt's exactly what i want my kitchen to look like, except i'd like it brighter. thank u!! any plans on coming back here?

capt tom: i've been to ur website, n read all ur one of ur readers, i think my fear of flying came gradually, in my 30s, n the deaths of two friends on tt SIA flight in taiwan on take off worsened it. everytime i fly, i think of their last moments.

thank u for ur comment n help. i def want to have the joy of travelling, esp long distance, w/o getting anxious n distressed. my hub just told me we r up for a trip to europe next april, but i am thinking, it's too long a journey n too dangerous.this fear is incapacitating.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

ganache: am glad i've found smone who fears the same thing too,bc u know how it feels. i'm getting very bold about worms n soft, wormy things. i used to scream too but now i can cooly shake those green butterfly worms off but i still can take fruit maggots. i can catch bugs n millipedes with my bare hands,which is why my kids aren't scared of them too (but all the boys incl hub FEAR roaches) n even thot i doing enthomology. considered it for 5 minures only :))

agnes: yes, i've noticed we don't get ruffles anymore. even when we had it, it wasn't very fresh :( if u see any lays or smiths', pls let me know!

Precious Pea said...

No I don't eat snakes..or I should rephrased this, I have not eaten snake before and i don't know if I would. Seen snake dishes on TV before, more palatable than deep fried insects so I think I will dare to try. hehe.

TeaLady said...

Stepped on a snake once. Eeeerie feeling. Love cheetos. You cannot get them there?? Murky water = "Creature from the Black Lagoon" THere is no way you would travel in my airplane. IT is fabric and quite small. And try being 58 and then 35 in your head...... HeeHEe

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