Thursday, November 6, 2008


Was it only 45 years ago that Martin Luther King gave his famous "I have a dream..." speech? For Obama to be the first 'black' (doesn't his being half white entitle him to be called 'white' ? Or is white so superior to black that you can't be called white if you aren't pure white?) to become the President of the United States in our time is almost an impossible dream. Yet with yesterday's election results, America has shown us that it has come a long way in a short time to overcome segregation, discrimination and racism.

Less than two years ago, I didn't know who Obama was, and now he's President of the USA. I'm not so impressed that he's black, or half black or half white or chocolate.I am impressed that such a man exists. He embodies all things we, whether Americans or Tanzanians or Norwegians or whoever, want in a leader especially in these times. It just makes me wish there were more Obamas around to kick out the Bushits in the world.

Will Malaysia too one day have a Prime Minister not based on race, religion and family ties but on caliber? Yes, dream on, Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

True, Obama as president reflects a new dawn, change, unity, etc. He is, I believe, a great man, and going to be a great leader.

BUT, are we aware of the spiritual implications of this? Obama is pro abortion rights, plans to lift restriction bans on gay marriages, and restrictions for funding in stem cell research.

Look like our generation is entering into a new 'era'.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

the americans voted for obama mainly bc of the economic situation in the us (jobless rate, subprime problems, debts etc) n the war against iraq.

all over the world, ppl hate bush bush (a self-professed strong Christian) for his bad diplomacy. IN THE NAME OF GOD he invaded a country tt was so much weaker n poorer than the US. his iraq war has caused the deaths of over 4,500 US soldiers, 150,000 iraqis n many others, n trillions of $ were wasted while americans lost their jobs n their homes. so where was his spiritual standards?

if u were to build a house, should you consult a pastor or an architect? likewise, the americans need a good n visionary leader who's liked all over the world. i have heard some of his speeches, n he has not dealt in depth with the issues tt u say he supports. many leaders implement policies as they go along, with good advisors to help them. i believe obama is a fair, level-headed, dynamic leader who will not make decisions using God's name frivolously. he will be considerate n make wise decisions.

scenario: the americans choose smeone lousy on his economic n foreign policies, antagonize ppl n is generally bad on other aspects but is anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage n stem cells research. so is he the better choice as president??

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a time before Civil Rights. I was 14 when it came to be. I was much older when there was a common acceptance of Blacks as people in general. I will be dead when complete acceptance of Blacks is a truth. Obama is an American who happens to be Black. Maybe if McCain had been the Maverick he claimed to be he would have been elected. But he wasn't. I consider myself a conservative liberal, or maybe a liberal conservative. I believe in many things but not all the things the Democratic Party believes in. My only hope is that HE can turn a country around that has seen great times, spiraled down and can see great times again. That is my dream.

TeaLady said...

That last was me, TeaLady, Terri. Hit the button too quick.

Linda said...

Can you believe NY Times, NY Post etc yesterday edition on Obama wins are on ebay for $100 over? I should have bought them.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

im dreaming...1 day m'sia being runned by a china ah pek, white singlet and sarong..or an indian man also can..

Anonymous said...

As long as BN is made up of component parties and not one united party for ALL Malaysians, this country will never see the day when race is not an issue.

hongyi said...
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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

tealady: "I believe in many things but not all the things the democratic party believe in" aptly said what i wanted to say in reply to the 1st comment by anon.

i've always had a soft spot for america. there r so many things i admire about ur country. but the last few yrs under bush have made even me disgusted n disillusioned about ur country n its leadership. i'm hoping as u r tt obama will be the man who will join the nations together n work on the real issues.

thanx for ur comment on this!

linda: u want my copy of Daily Express??

joe: no even if a china man bcomes malaysia's pm, he has to be diff. frm the leaders we've had in the past. he'll be tech savy, articulate, clever, knowledgable, affable, charismatic, fair n a person frm generation x, not v or w like those we have now.

anon : smtimes i feel the same way. but i am hopeful.

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