Thursday, December 11, 2008

King Hu Restaurant

My daughter shudders whenever we go to King Hu or Supertanker. But between the two, we both prefer King Hu, although lately we both need a lot of persuasion. King Hu is my in-laws' favorite spur-of-the-moment restaurant for casual meals and lazy days so we get to eat there quite often (Say 'Hi' if you see me there).

The best thing about King Hu is that prices are very reasonable. It is also the only place in town for 'northern' chinese food ('northern' in inverted commas because to real northerners, the food here is probably more southern Chinese, except for the potstickers) like fried potstickers (guotie) and boiled potstickers (suijiao) with Chinese cabbage and meat, unlike the more common "West Malaysian potstickers" with soy-sauce marinaded meat and onion filling, which my in-laws dismiss as unauthentic. Recently I've noticed The Incredible Transfomation Of King Hu's Potstickers, from oval and big to round and small, with hardly any meat inside. And on top of that they increased the price.

Whenever we eat at King Hu, we eat the same things. It's almost a sin to deviate from our standard order. In the past, they bring in seasonal Hong Kong veg like yellow chives and green soy beans but I guess with business so good (you very likely have to stand outside if you don't have a reservation) the boss just doesn't bother. The lady behind the counter and her husband started the restaurant more than 30 years ago. Her husband used to cook, then when he passed on, the son, who reputedly has a master's degree in aeronautical engineering fron the States (but couldn't find a relevant job here) now fries your mee and chow san see. I suspect though, after last Monday's dinner there, that the fella has some local boys doing the dirty work for him now because the food just doesn't taste the same anymore.

Guotie, pot stickers. Made just like we do at home, except for the filling which is miserable.

Suijiao, boiled potstickers, which have shrunk to half of their previous size.

Hot & sour soup, which really is just sour. You have to add the pepper yourself. I've complained to the lady about the chipped soup bowls but looks like it fell on deaf ears.

Fried 'oily' noodles, which I prefer to their ja jiang mien, bean sauce noodles.

Tied pork leg or je ti with pickles. My MIL makes a much much better version so remind me to do a post on this before CNY.

Steamed Chinese cabbage. King Hu tends to overcook their veg so only Chinese cabbage can withstand their style of cooking.

Goo lao roe or sweet & sour pork, Wey's favorite provided there's no sauce.

King Hu's version of Peking Duck is unique. The skin's soft instead of crispy and they serve it with lots of meat on. I think the chef just said, what the heck, it's so much work to make every duck crispy so just serve it any which way. And we the locals are happy with it this way because honestly, I find Peking Duck quite a pretentious dish, thin pancakes with a slice of crispy skin inside. When you order this, you get a duck soup, which is quite tasty.

I just realised I've been there so often I don't even bother to check their prices. I can always check it for you next week.

King Hu is in Tanjung Aru, next to the only supermarket there. Good place to eat if you need to catch a flight because it's equidistance to both airports nearby.


Precious Pea said...

How come the sweet sour pork floating in gravy? I think this dish perfect for those with small kids. And the duck...looks can be so deceiving. And you are returning next week?????

Anonymous said...

where is d location of king hu restaurant?

gerrie said...

Wow....just when we were thinking of going to have a meal there! KK can't be that small, can it?
Thanks for this post...I don't have to look at the menu now, not that I read a word of chinese anyway. Sometimes the son tipu me, and reads me things which he only likes to eat! :)

Fooman said...

Its a restaurant where you can have a whole meal and be done in half an hour. Heheh.
I've been there twice in the past month. Prices are still very reasonable.

The fish slices fried with garlic and onions is not bad. They do tend to heavily sauce most of the dishes though.

The fried or steamed Man tou buns are an alternative to rice.

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

hA! bring me for lunch when u pick yi for lunch on thurs/fri! lolz!!! hahaha

Selba said...

I really miss suijiao! The best I've ever had is in Beijing :)

Broadband said...
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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

pp: forgot to tell them to serve the sauce separately. just been told we r going to promenade instead haha maybe week after, can't escape this place.its like 2nd home.

anon: thnx 4 asking, i've given location on the post now.

gerrie: kk is tt small yet can be tt big. i bumped into a guy frm my uni three days ago, after not seeing him for over 10 yrs, then the next day bumped into him again. both times in restaurants.

fooman:ok, next time we'll have fish n onions. yes, this place is very casual n food's 'jia xiang'/home style.

denise: just say when. btw, yi knows johnathan's bro. want to meet him?

selba: yes, love them suijiao esp those in china but many msians aren't used to authentic suijiao. they prefer the thin skinned meat n onion filling type.

Anonymous said...

This is one place I'll never fail to go whenever I am in KK! Somehow, I would usually end up with more than less dishes; Peking duck, the cold meat, hor fan, and of cos the cabbage (which always runs out whenever I'm there later) are must haves, besides other things that catch my fancy. Best part, it's only me and my partner eating AND I get to stuff my face with all these food I order! :D Now I'm hungry thinking of it. Can't wait to be there again in two months time!

matt said...

all the food looks so good!

Fooman said...

Its the perfect place to have dinner when sending ppl off on air asia. Check in, eat, fly.

Fooman said...

Ate there again last night. I think I'm on King Hu burn out. Ate mostly the duck, cabbage and french? beans with tofu. The fish and tofu dish seemed to drowning in sauce.

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

lol! i just came back with ur comments. But I wish to meet JON! not Everett ! ;D

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

O Thanks my dear Terri... just like B, both looks "dangerous'!! but I just like 'rascal' type! ;p

Ruth said...

Hi there,
I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if you knew how to make the seasoning for King Hu's steamed cabbage? That's the dish that's was always ordered when my parents used to take us there for dinner many years ago.
Thanks. :)

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