Thursday, January 15, 2009

Borneo Deli

Fresh pork sausages from Borneo Deli. Borneo Deli's link sausages are not tied and the ends are left open.

There is a deli in KK! Our one and only, with freshly made pork sausages, cheeses, fine Italian dressings and oils, wines and many other foodstuff all in one store.

When I was young(ger), there were two small delis (although at that time they were not called delis), Fah Hing and Huat Lee, both located on Gaya Street. That was where you get mayo, olives, ham, canned herrings, those western things. Of course now we have Merdeka and Tong Hing Supermarkets, but whenever I need to cook for a western dinner party, I go crazy running everywhere because these supermarkets just aren't well-stocked. Merdeka, especially, where I always shop because it's near my house, has gone down in its variety of imported foods. Even the choice of local foodstuff has gone down. I recently searched for Tastie Breadcrumbs to make pork schnitzels but they only had Japanese panko which is twice the price of Tastie's crumbs. And yesterday I couldn't find any Aunt Jemima pancake flour. Don't even get me started on their breads, meat (minced beef very fatty) or choice of imported potato chips (Oregon Fresh?? Sucks). But this is not a grouse post, no. I still prefer Merdeka to Giant or Servay even though I complain each time I shop there. So if you see me scrowling down the aisle, be understanding.

Shan had me and a number of food bloggers over to Coffee Bean for the launching and tasting of their December drinks and I committed a big flogger sin--I didn't bring my camera. Hey, I thought I was just there to relax and drink. But anyway, I met Andrew, the proprietor of Coffee Bean, and he was really nice and amicable especially when we talked about food and travel, he being also a graduate of a Canadian uni. Round about Christmas, I got a call from Andrew's (who was away skiing) staff about a package for me to be picked up at Borneo Deli.

I picked Yi up from Louis' where she's learning the ropes and we sped to 1 Borneo, up in Kingfisher. The place is so far I needed to plan my schedule just to go there. And guess what? I forgot my camera again! So yesterday when Yi made a trip to 1 Borneo, she took the pictures you see here with her new Nikon D90. You can see that the dslr pics have a more mellow and elegant look while photos of the sausages taken using my Lumix are less classy but still pretty okay.


Borneo Deli
is a beautiful shop next to--guess--CoffeeBean, 1 Borneo. When you step inside, you could be anywhere in some deli in some western country except that there are no jambons hanging from the ceiling. But anyway, I had a fine time choosing some cheeses and snacks, not too many because we couldn't keep these things too long in the car while we shopped in 1 Borneo. That's what you need to remember, shop first and then check Borneo Deli out on the way out. It's on the ground floor, to the left of the building in the front. It is hidden by a large renovation partition of the store in front of it so you may need to ask at the information counter.

Borneo Deli's prices are very reasonable. A 400g of Bonomi (made in Italy, mind you) lady fingers cost only RM11.20 and their fresh sausages are RM40 per kg. I hope Andrew's not reading this, but I think that's the cheapest so far for fresh sausages. Borneo Deli is able to keep its prices reasonable because it has a wholesale link. Here's what we carried home, in a beautiful green bag. Well, a brown green bag.






The package was 4 packets of sausages! (Thanks, Andrew.) We couldn't tell which was what because the sausages weren't labeled. Of the 4 types of sausages, we liked the paler types because they had just the right amount of herbs while the red sausages were spicier which detracted the flavor of the meat. While we think the sausages were great in terms of flavor, the texture could be smoother. I also like sausages to have a slight bouncy bite, as per those we ate in Brisbane but maybe that's only expected from bratwursts and not English or Italian-type sausages.

Next time you venture out to 1 Borneo, remember to check out Borneo Deli, next to Coffee Bean. I am already planning to get some Lindt chocolates on my next trip there, and chow on it with a cuppa from Coffee Bean.

Borneo Deli & Wine Shop
Lot G-813A, Ground Floor, 1 Borneo Hypermall
Tel/Fax: (088) 485 933,


van said...

I'm so excited to hear that KK has a deli now! Can we get stuff like pancetta? I'm from kk but have been residing in Melbourne for 10 years...and sometimes when we're back in kk we want to whip up something Ang-mo osso for the family but its pretty hard to get the ingredients..

Your blog is amazing!! I heard it from a fellow KK-ian who is also in melbourne too... Keep up the good work.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nice to know that you can a whole load of gourmet food..meaning more gourmet recipes on your blog!

Agnes aka Ric3y said...

Ooo I'm going there soon to check it out!!! Dad's gonna enjoy surveying the shop.

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

ok Thanks! I will pick the paler one :)

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahah the stuff they have there are awesome, delicious and quality ingredients! wow! you guys are lucky! treasure!

Jaz said...

Yay!! Something to look forward to!! I absolutely dig such delis!

gill gill said...

i am a fan's of sausages! mouth watering sausages look yummy!

zurin said...

you know when I was in kk a few months back I dropped in at Tong Hing and they were selling a big block of Chedder cheese for like 40 RM something..for 2 kg... soooo cheap .here its like 80 something for 2 kg..hubby goes to kk like once in 2 or 3 months so I mite ask him to get me one block..imagine cheese all the way frm kk!..LOL..

I used to shop at merdeka supermkt too years (dont count) ago and I did like it then...lots of interesting items..some bedsheets with ducky patterns I still have them!! and the baking trays that I still have now are all from merdeka supermart.. LOL...doesnt sound like it now though...

tong hings things look reduced too..when I was there recently(few months back) I asked for choc chips and the guy didnt even know what it was!!! :( ..1 borneo is nice...but still lots of renovation huh...

oh and u know what?..theres a shop at wisma merdeka ...hmmm I think its called 99 cents or something like that...I got some great things there!!!!! decorative stuff..i'm a I was like going crazy in that place!!

ganache-ganache said...

We tried the sausages last month, thought they were good because they are lean, which suit us a lot ! The girls liked the garlic sausage, the black pepper were too spicy for them. Oh TH has their own range of sausages now, lean as well & they have it in different sizes, the thin ones suit JF a lot as her front teeth are gone now, price wise, RM7.50 for 4 sausages, cooked though ! Borneo Deli's ones are raw, ya about the ends I rather they're closed & don't you think the casings are too chewy ?

ganache-ganache said...

Oh, the Bonomi you got wasn't cheap, I got it at RM9.50 !!!

zurin said...

I went off topic up there....the deli looks really nice..u mite enjoy checking out some delis here when u come...

terri@adailyobsession said...

van: no pancetta there..u
ll have to go to tong hing for tt, n u know their prices...
thnx, am always happy to hear frm readers so i don't feel i'm talking to myself. melb eh? c u there?

joe: u r good at making conclusions, or is it assumptns lol?

agnes: nice shop with lots of wine but not really enough foodstuff.

denise: n tell me what u think

bbo: u guys r luckier, deli everywhere in kl. but so r the snatchers n robbers :D

jaz: they have just started out so u may not find tt many things, but there r lots of wine.

gill: i am sure u r, looking at ur profile pic!

zurin: no no i welcome ur comments. i know what u mean. our store ppl r always blur blur. i also hate it when they take ur mony n take 3 minutes to open d register, count then recount then count again when they hand u the change! if they do tt in hk, they'd be scolded till they shrivel up. sabahans r so slow-loris all the time.

tong hing kk has renovated n there's a little bit more variety altho still very lacking.there's def no bedsheets at merdeka. i find the merdeka staff not very efficient in ordering their stock; always out of this n tt.

no never been to the 99 cents shop. it's not tongs?

ganache: where did u get urs? bake with me?

Jaz said...

Terri, agree with you about Merdeka. Products seem to be stocked sporadically, and sometimes just for a short period of time. There was once they stocked Billingtons sugar (happiness for me!) and then, just like that, no more! I don't understand! Is the lady boss still in charge?

BUT, I am very happy they always seem to have baby spinach leaves! :)

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