Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Supul Korean BBQ Restaurant

The latest Korean restaurant in town is Supul in City Mall. Maybe because I expected too much and compared it to the best Korean BBQ restaurant I ever ate in (in Shanghai, of all places), I was disappointed with Supul. The food was really not too bad, and in fact Hub enjoyed his Korean meal for once, but the ambience spoiled our dining pleasure.

Supul is as bright as an operating threatre. The air was smokey and the tables were so packed some were joined side by side so there was very little privacy. Our food took more than 30 minutes to arrive, and by that time we had filled our tummies with the free flow of side dishes. Unlike most Korean restaurants where many side dishes are served, Supul only serves 3 kinds of sides and on that night they had ran out of one, leaving us chewing on kimchi and Jap cucumber sprouts.

The kimchi was mediocre but the Jap cucumber sprouts with shiitake were yum.

A friend of Hub's happened to be at the table joined to ours and she kindly sent this dish over. I heard Wey mutter "Freeloader" but he ate most of it anyway.

A tasty chicken stew that went well with rice.

Wey's bi bim bap was cheap at RM8/US$2 but the portion was smaller than most other places. He preferred the egg raw but it came cooked.

Hub's order of beef galbi tang, RM15/US$4, came with a bowl of plain rice. This is beef ribs in a clear broth, very flavorful and tasty but the meat could be softer.

I had the bi bim guk soo, which is bi bim bap with the bap (rice) replaced by noodles. I prefer bi bim bap. RM8/US2.

Je bi cu li, ribeye steak grilled at our table, is Supul's signature dish but it was a big disappointment. The portion looks big in the photo but the beef cubes were thin and very small. The beef flavor was lacking too and I absolutely don't recommend this. RM70/US$14 excluding the sang choy (lettuce) , RM3/US$0.80.

With a 5% service charge and tea, the bill was a reasonable RM111, which was probably why the place was crowded more than a month after opening, which is unsual for KK. I don't know. Maybe I'm fussy but I prefer a more pleasant ambience with less smoke, less crowd, less lights and Korean music instead of Channel KBS on the wall.

Supul Korean BBQ Restaurant
S-1-8, 1st Flr, City Mall
Tel: 088-447 129


Kate from KK said...

I have been meaning to try this restaurant since I thought I read somewhere the prices are competitive. Do they have a set lunch menu? And do they have JaJeungMen (Black Bean Noodles) and Chicken Ginseng? Thanks.

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks good to me, I defintely be on a Korean diet soon! :)

Shan said...

Terri I tried that other Korean in Kk Times Square and it was ok-okla.

I know next to nothing about Korean food but I still prefer the Korean Club by STAR once in a while.

ganache-ganache said...

I think we could have been there on the same day last week, same sprouts I had !
Kate : Yes, they have chicken ginseng soup but not black bean noodles, hope this helps

ganache-ganache said...

Hey, u added the word verification ?

Simply June said...

I love korean BBQ! The best korean BBQ I had was in Chicago (San Soo Gab San)... They serve over 20 (or more...we lost count after 20) kinds of side dishes all equally yummy. The other thing is they actually open till 4-5am! =)

Kate from KK said...

I went for lunch just now at Supul. The Japanese vege appetizer (pakis) was nice as Terri said but the kimchi is really not up to it (it's too salty!) - Hi Seoul serves good kimchi.

My hubby and I ordered the set lunch each - RM12. Mine was rice with beef and came with a side order (cold cut pork or beef, up to you - the pork was pretty ok). My hub ordered bi bim guk soo and yes, it was no stunner. The rice with beef was quite ok, sort of like Chinese beef rice stir fry with big onions.

Service was very very slow, we filled up on appetizers and was half full by the time the food arrived. The menu wasn't any help as it only listed Korean names but no English translation to it - waiters were too new and inexperienced to tell you what those dishes were. Owners/Cashier were not hands on at all.

terri@adailyobsession said...

kate: they hav samgyetang/ginseng chicken which i seldom order in restaurants bc the rice usually aren't well-ccoked! try cooking it urself. search for the recipe in m y search box :)
i don't think there's jajiang men, as confirmed by ganache.

bbo: yes i can live on korean food too!

shan: yeah, the restaurant in kk times sq is quite pricey too. i haven't been to the korean club in years. my fav is still the one in api api but the prices r also too pricey compared to the new korean restaurants.

ganache: i think they serve the same side dishes every day :D

yes, had to add word verification (which i hate to do) bc i keep getting those chinese spam

simply june: yes, i can imagine the larger cities give better quality n quantity meals..

kate: u've summed it up. very accurately i must say:D

Anonymous said...

Maybe because it was a year later... I was served instant ramen noddle with an egg in this restaurant! And that cost RM12! All other foods were very disappointing too. Nothing look like authentic Korean food.

Jade Graham said...

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