Monday, October 26, 2009

Spare Ribs With Sour Plums


As a Martyr Mother, I usually steam pork spare ribs with black beans because that's the way the guys in my family like their ribs. But once in a while, Martyr Mother rears her ugly head and cooks ribs the way that SHE likes, with sour plums. The savory-sour ribs are so appetizing that I can eat a whole plate of ribs myself, and I usually do because the boys will leave it alone.

A friend once taught me to marinade spare ribs for steaming with lots of corn flour hours before steaming, so that the meat will be tender and smooth. Make sure too that the ribs are chopped (by your butcher) into bite-size pieces to increase their surface area for absorption of all those marinading ingredients.

I threw in some plum sauce just because I needed to finish off the jar I bought for making luo sang during Chinese New Year. Do you know that there's lots of sugar in plum sauce? I was horrified to find that the plum sauce had crystalized and the lid was glued tight with sugar. I had to put the lid to a flame before it would open. And as expected, the plum sauce overwhelmed the sour plums, making the dish sweet instead of sour. So please don't do what I did. Just keep to the sour plums.

sourplum ribs
Spare Ribs With Sour Plums
400 g pork spare ribs, in bite sizes (try chicken wings for kosher/halal dish)
4-5 sour/salted plums + 1/2 T pickling liquid
1/2 T chopped garlic
1 heaped T corn flour
3 t light soy sauce (I like Yummy House's)
1/2 t fine sugar
a few shakes of white pepper
1 t sesame oil
1 T shaoxin wine
1 T water

garnish: chopped spring onions & red chillies

1. Put everything into a heat-proof dish and mix well, crushing the sour plums coarsely. Leave covered in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

2. Get a pot/wok of water boiling, put the dish in and steam the ribs at high heat for 20 minutes. Garnish with chopped spring onions & chillies and serve hot. Goes well with plain rice.


3 hungry tummies said...

oh i'm seeing pork ribs every where, i think it must be the calling :) . this dish reminds me of something i grew up with , yum!!!

homeladychef said...

Haha...i agree with you, sometime i will also do the wrong move by clearning old stocks, but still, the conventioanl method wins. But your ribs still look droolicious. As usual, inspirational to me. :)

backStreetGluttons said...

looks good , fresh and something new

Sonia said...

still thinking what to cook for today dinner, this recipe just come in the right time, I have all these ingredients, will cook it today. Thanks for sharing.

daomingsi said...

Dear Terri,

I have one questiion which I hope you can help me out. I am going through your roasted turkey recipe and I notice you mentioned that the turkey be placed in a pan and to add 1.5 cm of water to the pan. Doesn't this make the turkey and the stuffings placed at the sides to be "swimming" in a shallow pool of water? Hope you can help. Thanks

Questnet said...

Wow..Can u share with us the steam pork with beans sauce.? Have no idea how to do tht

hongyi said...

Oh how I have missed your spareribs.
And you.

Yes you.

terri@adailyobsession said...

3hungrytummies: :D

homeladychef: thank u:)

bsgluttons: try cook it

sonia:how was it?

daomingsi: the turkey's heavy n there isn't enough water to let it swim. th water will keep the juice tt comes out from drying up, n ensures tt u have enough juices for the gravy. it also keeps the turkey moist.try n put the excess stuffing near the neck area. it will spread out a little but dry up as it cooks. trust me :)

questnet: kidding me? ok, next time i steam ribs it'll be with black beans

hongyi: less than a month b4 i hug u n talk in bed n drink milk tea n bully dad n the boys n shop n loose weight n eat n fight n make up n gossip n hug talk eat fight make up...:D

kat said...

Ahh.. was just thinking of making this, and your recipe turned up! Would Japanese sour plums work as well?

Has your girl decided on where to go yet?

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