Monday, November 2, 2009

Nearly Flourless Choc Cake

Nearly flourless choc cake. I love these strawberries from New Zealand. They very sweet, full of flavor, deep red in color and almost seedless.

Just like me, when E gets her hair done in the salons, she'd write down recipes from magazines. But unlike me, E actually tries those recipes out and this cake comes to you by courtesy of E. The recipe is from a lady who got it from her mother who got it from her French mother. I think it's an almond-less version of the Queen of Sheba, a rich French chocolate cake. Instead of ground almond, only two tablespoon of plain flour is added. Since 'French Chocolate Cake' is too ordinary, I've renamed the cake to reflect its distinctness.

This chocolate cake is light and moist so you'd need to bake a huge one to satisfy the family. Despite the scant bit of flour, the cake doesn't taste like an airy mousse. Of course for something so simple, you'll need the best chocolate your money can buy. Top the cake with a rich ganache or whipped fresh cream and some fresh fruits, and you've got a dessert good enough for Anton Ego to swallow.


Nearly Flourless Choc Cake
125 g butter
200 g good quality dark chocolate
150 g caster sugar
2 T plain flour
6 eggs, separated

1. Set oven at 190 C, put water into the oven tray upto a level of 1 cm. Grease and line bottom of a 22 cm springform pan.

2. Melt butter & choc in oven at low heat or over a basin of boiling water. Cool.

3. Transfer choc to a bowl, add sugar, flour and egg yolks.

4. In another bowl, beat the egg whites until soft peaks and fold it through the choc mixture until blended.

5. Spoon into the prepared pan and bake bain marie for 30 minutes. Cool and serve.


Sonia said...

I'm first, got chance to taste you choc cake? hahaha..
I can not imagine a cake with only 2tbsp of flour, must be very spongy. I will defintely try this, choc cake is my hubby favorite.thanks for sharing.

Gypsy On The Move said...

Oh my gosh...the picture alone makes my mouth so watery already!

Mina said...

This looks so good but there's quite a bit of eggs in there. You got the strawberries from NZ??

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said... u do the topping like tat ah ? the swipe effect

ekeng said...

i can feel the chocolate dripping in my throat..

gerrie said...

I have a recipe that calls for 50gm flour, but 300gm couvertures, 250 gm butter. The quality of the chocolate is the most important ingredient yes? Fortunately consfood still brings in that belgian brand...makes all the difference in the world...hehe.

Baby said...

what is bake bain marie ?

Anonymous said...

can know which brand of choc u use? thanks !

my-sweet-hut said...

Awesome! Very yummy looking photos .. I'm not a chocolate lover but if this is not too dense and rich, I am ok with it. Out of 10 how do you rate this recipe?

TeaLady said...

Love making flourless cakes. The frosting on this one is lovely. How did you do that??

blurqueen said...

Love your bakes. By the way, is there anything that you can't cook or bake?

Johnathan Oh said...

Hahaha, I like the singlish accent~"They very sweet~". Great to be able to comment here again. :)

EADotCom said...

Ooooo THIS is the reason why I stopped visiting your site ages ago! The green eyed monster will pop up again if I'm not careful! Worse, the "oh-I-feel-so-inadequate" emo trip surges up!

LOL! Seriously though, what an amazing masterpiece =) Thanks for sharing it!

Now if only I had the time to try out the recipe.... LOL

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

must b quite carb free rite? since theres not much flour? hehe..

Qumairah said...

hi, how did you make the strawberry soo glossy. Btw great pict..nearly fainted..gosh i luve chocolate n strawberry

Katie said...

That cake looks absolutely delicious but I'm more intrigued by the way the icing was applied! How do you get it looking so delicious?

gerrie said...

Terri, do you know know if we can get Valrhona's cocoa powder in KK?

terri@adailyobsession said...

sonia: i wish i could give u a piece :0

gypsy: nice legs

mina: the s/berries were grown in NZ but sold in Tong Hing. get some, they are excellent!

denise: er, i tried to correct the pattern with the icing comb.

ekeng: hi, how r u?!

gerrie: i got valrhona choc powder in pelangi. they also hav it in solid blocks. i also get belgian choc there.

baby: bain marie means waterbath. in french. for delicate cakes, putting the cake tin in a tray of water buffers the heat, making the cake moist too.

anon: i didn't bake the cake, my friend e did. i think she used belgian choc from pelangi cake ingredients shop.

gerrie said...

Thanks....pardon my ignorance, but where is Pelangi's thereabouts?

terri@adailyobsession said...

mysweethut: hmm. you are putting me in a corner bc this was baked by a friend! i'd say this is an 8/10. if i didn;t know there's no flour, i'd def rate it higher. smhow i'm not used to eating flourless cakes even tho they are very very good n moist.

tealady: it's a ganache using almost equal amount (i didnt measure!) of cream to choc (i didn't hav enough block choc so i added some powder cocoa too), and a bit of butter, let to cool then chilled in the freezer for a couple of minutes and whisked until stiff.

blurqueen:'s why i started this blog, it's a record of my known recipes n new tries.

johnathan: they gave up on curbing u guys:D? good to hav u back, i've missed u

Eadotcom: lol, i didn't make the cake, e did. i just decorated it with the ganache n s/berry

joe: yes, u save on flour, at least.

qumairah: i took the photo by the window n the light fell on the s/berry :))
yes, yum, s/berries like these are just too yummy. these ones are truly good, not sour at all.

katie: lol! it was a mistake :) i used an icing comb, bit the cake wasn't level so i went back and re-combed it n now ppl are asking me how i did it lol!

gerrie: get it frm pelangi in foh san. but i think they only hav the block one, no more powder but do check with them. about rm8-9 per 100g

terri@adailyobsession said...

gerrie: hi :D pelangi is behind the petronas gas station after foh san. i can't remember the name of the taman (the one with BIG gutters) around there altho i know the older single storey housing is called taman winner. it's near the famous haunted house on the hill, if tt helps.

gerrie said...

terri, thanks..think I know now!

Johnathan Oh said...

Hi Terri, nah~I am commenting from my home desktop PC.

Johnathan Oh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I try this recipe and it turn out awful. :(

terri@adailyobsession said...

oh dear. like i said, it was made by my friend E. i'll have to check the recipe when she comes back frm australia. sorry to disappoint you, but the cake made by E was good.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
my-sweet-hut said...

I managed to bake this cake yesterday and it turned out very well. My daughters love it.
It's very moist. In fact, I'm not a choc lover but I think it's really yummy if you go with ice-cream. However, it's too sinful to eat too much.

srisang said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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