Sunday, February 7, 2010

KK Fisherman Seafood Restaurant

Someone asked me why I don't do much restaurant reviews anymore and my instant answer was that restaurants in KK are so unreliable and inconsistent. I found many times that the food can be good the first visit and bad the next.

We were invited to dinner at KK Fisherman Seafood Restaurant in Lintas Jaya/Open University shoplots (turn into the shoplots, go straight and turn right at the T junction. The restaurant is half way to the end of the road, opposite direction from Man Tai Restaurant). Do make prior bookings; the place was packed. As one among us couldn't eat shellfish due to a medical condition, we made do without crabs and prawns. I'm told the prices 'sting' because prawns are RM100/kg (US$28), nearly double other seafood restaurants but that's because they don't serve cultured grass prawns (I avoid cultured prawns) and instead use ming xia--ocean king prawns.

Claypot of fish maw, mushrooms & fish cake--yum, done just right.

House tofu with minced dried shrimps--although the tofu was smooth and didn't have a strong calcium sulfate flavor, the dish was nothing special.

Chinese spinach with salted egg and century egg--could be better.

Steamed kampung chicken--very good, tasted like home-cooked and would've been even better if there was more wine in it.

Steamed live patin--this was a big portion. Lots of succulent meat and fat, hardly any bones. I have a distaste for patin. I don't know if it's because it doesn't have scales or because it belongs to the catfish family or that we used to stock a pair of these fish in our backyard drain. But this was good, no mud flavor at all. RM100/US$28 per kg.

Sweet & sour pork--the least tasty dish, because the pork was so tenderized with bicarb that it was tasteless. I can't even remember how the sauce tasted. A 'no'.

Hong Kong kailan--crunchy and tasty.

A big thank you to C & S for the dinner. The selection of dishes was perfect, well-balanced in variety and taste. There were more good dishes than no-so-good ones and there was no overdose of oil or salt or msg. Here's to more dinner invites.

KK Fisherman Seafood Restaurant
Lot 1, Ground Floor, Block G & Lot 7,
Ground, 1st & 2nd Floor, Block H, Lintas Jaya,
Phase 3, Penampang
Tel: (088) 720 319/721 319


J2Kfm said...

Can't imagine a more artificial sweet and sour pork. Detest those fakers, really.
Though I don't share your dislike for patin fish. I find them rather palatable.

Anonymous said...

I went there too and the food was okay but the price like you said was stinging. However, the quality of the seafood was pretty good.

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

These are the usual dishes when we taking meal in Chinese restaurant too. Look yummy.

hongyi said...

call me when u see this?

oh i miss ur cooking all of a sudden :(

terri@adailyobsession said...

j2kfm: my hub loves patin. i think it's their looks tt put me off:))

anon: hm, i must go again soon n check out the seafood but i won't pay tourist prices.

sonia: yes, love simple refreshing dishes too

yi: i only hav to say two words n u'll wish u're home: bubble tea.

KENT said...

Food is expansive and lady boss have some attitude problem, seem to have a grudge against her customer. Very unwelcoming, i start to worries whats in my food.

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