Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seafood At Kedai Kopi Taman Cantek

The food is average but the prices are below average and for that, this 2 month-old coffeeshop seafood restaurant is making good business.

Crabs are their specialty. Male crabs are only RM13/US$3.60 per kg and female RM15/US$4.20 per kg, probably the cheapest crabs in town. I've tried the crabs steamed, fried with ginger and spring onions, deep-fried with black pepper and 'kim heong' and I like the black pepper style the best. I'd come here just to eat the crabs because anything else can be very inconsistent. Sometimes the fried mifen is good, sometimes bad.


We had the crabs steamed but they are also good fried with black pepper.


These oysters were very big so they were cut up and that was bad because you don't get a whole oyster in each and some parts were very tough. This was the first time oysters tasted bland, which was rather strange because oysters are always delicious and savory sweet.


Sand clams with ginger and spring onions were very tasty and meaty the first time but on a different occasion, they weren't fresh.


Doong fung loh are shells that you have to use a toothpick to pick out. They are rather bland too but fun to eat.


Sabah veg cooked the traditional way, with eggs.


A plate of fried mifen with salted fish.

All that, for about RM80. The corner restaurant is at the end of the first row of Taman Cantek shophouses (Penampang) and is open every night.


Johnathan Oh said...

Yuumm... what shall I eat tonight?

zurin said...

That mifun looks so good Terri! how do you cook that? have u posted it recipe b4?

all the other food looks absolutely yummy too....

I have yet to make the filipino dessert..but i have yet to get a whole ccoonut that is nt too old or too young...I have no idea how to im stalling u hvae any tips id be glad to hear (^_^)

Mui-Mui said...

The crab looks nice woh...

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

The crab price is really really cheap, I can't find any restaurant serve with this low price. And all dishes look so yummy!

Precious Pea said...

Those crabs are so cheap!!!! And ooo..look at those orangey roes...makes me drool!!! Sadly, hard to find female crabs in KL.

Mel Chan said...

look at those crabs !! miss them so much, I wonder, why do the German never eat crab? I've never even seen crabs in German supermarket. What a pity

terri@adailyobsession said...

johnathan: crabs at tt crab place near your hse

zurin: i do have a fried mi fen post, you'll hav to dig it up :)

generally, it's better to get the yellowish green coconut, the older ones. i normally tell them to cut it on the spot n then they can understand what i want.

muimui: ya they are

sonia: actually the female crabs are rm18, sorry, must correct tt

pp: hard to find female crabs in kl?? oh dear, maybe it'll happen to kk one day too. not surprising bc there's no law or enforcement against catching baby seafood here.

mel: tt's tough. could it be bc there germany doesn't have much coast and whatever they have do not yield any crabs? thnx for ur 'maiden' comment :))

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