Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bratislavia Where?

I'm writing from Holiday Inn, Bratislavia, the capital of Slovakia (Slovak Republic). Frankly, I thought Slovakia is Serbia. This trip is doing me good.I§m learning.

We were in Prague, Czech Republic yesterday and I was disappointed at first. It is an old, untidy city and a little dirtier than the recent cities I've been to. Then we went to the Old Square where every lane and corner was charming and lovely. But then it started to drizzle, first time since London, and that was inconvenient. We had the best weather last week in Paris. Hub and I took the metro (easy to use) to Charles Bridge at 9:30 pm and when we turned the corner and saw the magical, fairy-tale sight of the castle and buildings on the hill across the bridge and river, I was totally blown away. It was the most beautiful sight so far. Paris by night is not even half as beautiful! (hooray, I figured out how to use the punctuation marks on this keyboard). I was upset with myself for the 10,000th time for not bringing Yi°ˇs SLR when I couldn't get a good photo of the Prague Castle area from the bridge. Anyone who has a good photo of the castle and bridge by night pls send to me..

We leave for Hungary tomorrow. Have to go, I've been hoarding this computer. Hot off the camera, photos taken an hour ago in Bratislavia:



The next photo was taken in Prague (known as Praha and pronounced pra ha by the locals), after crossing the Charles Bridge into the area around the Prague Castle. The area is old, very quaint and lovely.

p.s. does anyone know of a clean, inexpensive, conveniently%located hotel in Rome? We break away from the tour in Rome and need to get our own hotel.


Simply June said...

Terri: My friends and I stayed at this B&B last year. it's about 10-15 minutes walk, south of Vatican City, in a quiet neighborhood area. The owners Giuseppe and Danilo are very nice and accommodating. We enjoyed ourselves there. There's even a convenient store not too far from the B&B.

zurin said...

What a great time ur having Terri....Prague is beautiful I hear ...enjoy urself in Rome and think of me ok ;)

Feed Me said...

Hi Terri, would this help?

Have fun!


CK Ng said...

You can try I booked most of my accommodations around Europe from there.

BTW, is it Brastilava or Brastilavia? I'm not too sure of which is correct. :)

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Great pictures....Hungarians call Bratislava "Pozsony", and it was their ancient coronation city......Germans call it Pressburg....

Borders keep changing in this part of the world.......Many places have more than one name.

Barb said...

Beautiful photos, enjoy the rest of your trip!

the lunch guy said...

i spent a little over a year working in Hungary and i took a 3 day trip to Prague, one of the best places i have been in my opinion.

the castle is awesome. did you walk all the way up to the top of the cathedral there? the view is fantastic. i especially liked being able to look down at the architecture of the spires and buttresses.

the Charles Bridge is also an incredible place to see. i love the building there with the steep pitched roofs.

i was in Slovakia for an evening too. we were lucky enough to get to the village where we went on a day they had a local fair. i have never eaten so much sausage and bread in one sitting as there. and the local draft beer was also fantastic. all the while we listed to a local band playing traditional music.

i love eastern Europe. being an American the age of everything there is what always overwhelmed me. my country is so young in comparison.

glad you are having the time of your life. enjoy it all.

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