Monday, June 14, 2010

Corned Beef Noodles

I'm having problems uploading the photos from my memory card. I really want to post my photos quickly because in 10 days Yi and I'll be off to Spain, France and Italy. Heather, if you are reading this, we'll likely be in Florence around 9th July. Meet us there!

We're going to Bruges, Belgium tomorrow, stay a night, and then go to Antwerp where Yi has been aching to go because of the shopping. I'm worried for her upcoming exams but she's not. Last week was extremely tiring for me. She started out asking if I could glue some plants onto her model and before long I was cutting windows with a cutter ("because the laser cutters are all booked") and finally the night before her presentation, I was making whole apartment units. Just when I thought I could sleep at 3:30 am, she said weakly "I still don't have roofs..." and so Martyr Mom spent the next 3 hours cutting roofs. I wanted to watch her presentation but couldn't get up on time and got to the room 5 minutes after she presented. She did well btw, coming in third which was a surprise considering that her work was so 'raw' and she was on her own without a team mate.


Yi got me hooked on buffalo mozzarella. Hub and I had samples of the freshest and tastiest buffalo mozz ever at an Italian market. Yi eats them straight but I like to eat them with tomatoes (oh, Italian tomatoes are THE BEST!) and anchovies. We get 200 g buffalo mozz at 69 euro cents here , crazy cheap.


Remember the men tiao that I like to post and re-post because I can't emphasize enough on how easy and tasty it is? When I was at uni and out of fresh meat, I used to cook mee fun (fine rice noodles) with canned corned beef, bean sprouts and top with a dollop of marmite. It was my comfort food. Yi remembered that I cooked it once and wanted it again. I never thought I'd post this but I will because some of you may just love it as much as we do. It's super easy to cook and you can add other meat and veg. The corned beef here is from Brazil and super creamy and delicious. I think I'll ship some home. I don't like the mee fun here (too bleached & bland) or the rice (too 'loose'; they don't hold together) so I used flour batter as for the men tiao. Just boil some water or stock, add pork belly slices or other meat (optional), cut the flour batter in, add the veg, the corned beef (the canned one, not the one in a chunk), season with salt n pepper and that's it. You must try it, esp on a cold day.


Heather said...

i'm reading, i'm reading!

how long do you plan to stay in Florence? I wanna plan, plan :)

Anonymous said...

I miss your cooking.... Mmm, one more month to go.

terri@adailyobsession said...

heather: hi, am in bruges.

we plan to be in florence 3-4 days n leave for london from there. do keep in touch!

anon: miss you. really.

Jonathan Chee said...

omg.... I bought buffalo mozzarella in melbourne and it costed me 40+ AUD for 400g

the lunch guy said...

that 'chovey looks delicious. i would have never waited to take a picture, i would have simply scarfed it down.

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