Friday, June 4, 2010

We are in Rome,our last night here. As I type this,I'm wishing that Hub would agree to going to the Trevi Fountain now (it's 9:10pm and the sun just went down) because it's supposed to be even better at night. But it's chilly today and we've been walking everyday for the last 3 1/2 weeks and that's REALLY walking,from morning to midnight. When I finally get to bed, my thighs hurt so bad.

Yi and her friend Cheryl arrived in Rome on 30/5,a day earlier than we did but they left this morning. We love Rome. I think Paris was great, with lots to see but if I had to choose, I'd do Rome again. More on that in later posts. Hub leaves for London tomorrow for a couple of days before getting home while I go Delft and sit my time out waiting for Yi to finish her exchange semester 3rd week of June and then we'll be touring Spain, France and Italy until mid-July.

Am sick of sandwiches, weiners and pizzas. I have to agree with my two older kids--western food can be boring. Chinese food is best :)) I'm longing for home-cooked food and especially noodles, congee and soup. When I get to Delft,I'll be blogging daily. Until then, cheers!


ChopSuey said...

Enjoy some gelato, amaretto (almond cookies) and chocolates (cioccolato)! Gelato is what the Italians call ice cream and although it's not as rich, it's delicious especially the chocolate varieties!

Lily Anette said...

Glad that you had a good time, although tiring, but that is Europe, you only see it through feet and the transportation is only a means getting you from one to another!Get a good rest in Delft and recharge your batteries again for the second round with your daughter!

Laura said...

I'm glad you like Rome!!
And I found funny that you said "Chinese food is the best"...because always Italians say "Italian food is the best" and they miss Pasta when they're not in Italy!!
I'm lucky, because I like food all over the world!!!
Maybe we'll see each other in Florence in July, I'll keep in contact with Yi!!
Enjoy your holiday!

Ah King and Moon said...

Yes, Chinese food has wide range of varieties....When i was in Japan, I missed home cooking Chinese food the most. ;-)

Johnathan Oh said...

Hi Terri, wow, that is sure one heck of a tour!!! So envious that you could tour for such a long period!

Sick of western food and longed for chinese? Consider what I did... get a rice cooker and cook HAHAH!

Aminah said...

Hi Terri, reading your blog, brings me down memory lane.. d places in Dubai, my hubby & I stayed in Burq Dubai near the Dubai Mall and when we were there the Burj Khalifah was almost complete. I agree with you that the food at the Al-Quasr (near the Burj Al-Arab is very delicious. I like their Moroccan Tea and cakes..
We toured Europe during our honeymoon. but recently went back to Italy and France..
Enjoy your holidays..Thanks for the lovely photos as well..

the lunch guy said...

of all the things you have ever written the most accurate thing i have seen to date is in this post, "Chinese food is best :))"

when i lived in States and my American wife would ask where i wanted to go and eat i would always say i wanted Chinese food, she always campaigned for pizza. this would all digress to the point where she would accuse me of being Chinese. now i live in Asia, proof that life has a way of taking care of itself and correcting what may be out of place.

the lunch guy said...
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