Friday, June 25, 2010

Yo In Delft

Yo flew into The Hague (Den Haag) last weekend and zipped by Delft to spend 2 days and a night with us. A true friend, because she had to sleep on the floor in an unheated room when she had a king-sized bed in a 4-star hotel. Unfortunately, it was cold, windy and wet and the Saturday farmers' and flea markets were half their usual size. People were also indoors watching Nederlands play against Japan.  However, we had fun; it's really special to meet up in a corner of the world that we never heard of a few months ago.

Ever the nice friend, Yo brought mangoes from her garden and rice dumplings (zhongzi) made by her friend. We gave one mango and one dumpling to Yi's fellow exchange student from home who squealed with delight. Carlos, Yi's coursemate from Spain, also loved the mango. I think our Luzon mangoes and India's Alfonso mangoes are the best mangoes in the world.

Yo's zhongzi were delicious and full of yummy ingredients.

A's nyonya zhongzi, made here, were very good too. The rice was very fresh and 'noo' and the addition of coriander seeds gave extra flavor.

We were thrilled to eat zhongzi in Delft, of all places! I considered sending a couple to Heather in Luxembourg but decided against it because I wasn't sure the zhongzis would keep.

Not pretty but delicious.

Forest peaches (that's what the vendors told us)

Yi bought some of these flat persimmon-like peaches a few days ago and they were fragrant, sweet aand juicy. These ones that we bought a few days later for Yo to bring home weren't as good. We should've tried one before buying.

terri blog4
We had a ham & cheese toast (3.30 euros), a grilled veggie pesto foccacia that was yummy (6.90 euros) and an organic Iberico chorizo panino with black olive dressing (6.70) that was rather heavy with flavor with a sweet red pepper soup (2.50 euros) that was yum. Yi didn't like the portugese egg tart (2 euros!) because it more custard pudding than egg and the crust was cheese-flavored.

Go Yo go

Haring broodje

The haring in Delft's farmers' market on Saturday is the best. You won't miss it because you'll smell it first and then see the crowd standing with heads back and fish in hand, dangling above their heads. On other days, there's a seafood shop but their harings are too salty. Haring has gone up since two weeks ago. It was 1.25 per fish or 5 for 5 euros. Now it's 1.75 each, 3 for 5 euros. I don't like haring broodje (sandwiches) because you can't taste the haring. Imagine sashimi with bread. My record is 2 1/2 haring at one go. I get a little queasy beyond that. If you like, a squeeze of lemon takes away all the fishiness and gives a different taste to the haring. I really am going to miss these little fishes.


The reason Yi & Cheryl don't want to leave Delft is not the stroopwafels they buy at this stall every Saturday. Cheryl, you are out-numbered 3:1. We prefer the blue-eyed cutie who stands on the right every Saturday but here's your cutie.

terri blog8
Stroopwafels. Architect students have dirty nails.

Stroopwafels are pancakes split open and spread with a caramel syrup. If you get the ones from the supermarket, soften the syrup by placing the stroopwafel over a cup of hot coffee or tea for a minute.


Yi made a simple, elegant & yummy snack with some red & green figs, parma ham, buffalo mozz, basil and an olive oil dressing.

After the heavy lunch and our snacking on fruits, haring and stroopwafels, we were kept full and had dinner at home at 9:30 pm. It doesn't get totally dark until 11 pm now and it's hard to go to bed before that. The sun rises about 4:00 am.


A kind of asparagus? So pretty and elegant, like mini sheaths of wheat.


Witlof (endive) quartered, boiled, then cooked in butter and caramelized with malt sugar was super yummy (thanks, Lianne! I love it!), the mini 'asparagus' was crunchy, good tasting, and the white asparagus was juicy and sweet. Yes, that's somebody's hair on the asparagus/camera. Mine I think since I was the cook.


When you buy at farmers' market, you can't choose your veg or fruits; they pack for you. In the store you can choose and I chose big thick pods. Mistake. The peas were starchy, like frozen peas.


Pan-fried store-bought pork rolls (yummy) and beef rolls (a bit dry).

Two Saturdays back, I bought some petit pous in Amsterdam. They were sweet even when raw because they were very petit.  Not starchy at all. I boiled them briefly and left them in the pot to keep warm. They became wrinkled like frozen peas but without the frozen taste. So, get the petit ones and do not overcook them.



On Sunday, it was still cloudy and cold and we asked for a ride from A and J. A and J met my daughter when she went to their church a few months ago and A recognized her as she reads my blog.


We aren't the only ones who are tri or quad-lingual. The Indonesian-Dutch praise in Dutch, Indonesian and English. The Dutch are bilingual.

It was Father's Day.


Yi said A & J are excellent cooks. She loves their beef soup. A and J drove Yo and I (Yi stayed home to study) to Den Haag (20 min by car) for a scrumptious meal at the best Chinese restaurant--I've forgotten the name. I am especially grateful for the ride because I packed some stuff for Yo to bring home and it would've been tough to get to the train station from the campus and to the hotel. They also brought us to the Scheveningen resort beach which we would otherwise not get to visit on our own. I've met so many wonderful people through blogging!

On the way to Den Haag I had problems with my memory card and had to use Yo's camera so I don't have photos to post of our dinner and Den Haag. Yi's computer is also stricken with virus or something because the mouse keeps stalling. Worse, my 16 GB memory card which has photos of our trip around Europe can't be read. I consulted a photography expert, CK on my link, who referred me to a recovery software. CK adviced to not use memory cards of large storage so as to limit loss should the cards be damaged; makes sense. So with all these problems and the uncertainty of our upcoming trip this Friday (accomodation and transport in Spain, France and Italy not yet booked), I'm stressed and worried. I reach London on 10th July (brought forward by skipping southern Spain, sad about that). If I can get an earlier seat, I'll go home earlier. If not, on the 18th. By then I'll be lean and mean. And very broke.


Lin said...

I love reading your travel posts :)
The flat peach is called Donut Peach or sometimes Saturn Peach.

zurin said...

Worth being broke after all the fun . no? Im so jealous.As usual. heheh

Heather said...


Gosh... looks so yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

Just got Yi's SMS, the camera len cover is indeed still sitting at the backseat..
I guess you already left for Barcelona, coz Yi didn't pick up the phone.

Johnathan Oh said...

Hi Terri, geez I wonder how you managed to do your touring & blogging at the same time... saluté!

Blogger said...

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