Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tapas Tapas Tapas

With every bar and restaurant serving beautiful tapas, we hopped from one bar to another,  eating only a few pieces at each. The Spanish are really good at this. With one fell swoop of their tapas, they had me.  Euros 1.80/RM7 each. Ouch.






In Barcelona restaurants, only jamon Iberico is served, nothing less. Of course, there are different grades of Iberico ham.








You just take the tapas of your choice and they charge according to the toothpicks left on your plate. I wonder if anyone has tried swallowing the toothpicks.

The above tapas were served at Sargardi. I didn't get the name of the next one:

Hi, he waved at me. Spanish waitors, like their Italian counterparts, love to wink. It makes an old lady's heart skip a beat.

At 2 euros each and since Cheryl doesn't eat them, I bravely ordered only two of these babies while sitting at a classy long bar with a group of Spanish ladies nearby. Lucky I was thick-skinned because these were disappointing. Although the guy shucked them in front of me, these oysters only tasted briny with no depth in flavor and worse, they left a tingling iodine taste on the tongue. This is where they charged me for 3 pieces instead of 2. And  with skin thicker than cowhide, I corrected them. I think most people would've walked out without a whimper. Hey, with 2 euros I can get a glass of wine.

Writing this post made me wish I was in Barcelona. Btw, my friends have signed up to go outlet shopping with me next year. First come first basis.


Terri said...

I've just finished dinner and those photos made me hungry all over again. I suppose that why your blog URL is "hungerhunger"

daomingsi said...

Hai Terri,

So have you gone for your Sang Nyuk Meen? Interesting post. Did you cover Switzerland? Heard many good reviews about The Swiss.

Plain Jane said...

:-) hmm...great idea for CG supper! Thanks for the inspiration! Glad to have you back, too!

zurin said...

I love tapas...theyre like play food. and I like play food.:))

terri@adailyobsession said...

terri: :DD

dao: yes i did, so yummy. i did go to switzerland but was disappointed. the country's beautiful but mt titlis is not, or rahter the faciulities are rather delipidated.

jane: yes, why tt's a good idea:)

zurin: bet u can make them just as pretty n tasty. tell me when u making bc i'll come over

tina said...

The tapas really look good and as only having strawberries for breakfast now, so drooling over your pictures!

Simply June said...

OMG! I was at Sagardi last yr when we visited Barcelona. Love the Tapas there and how everything is honor system!

the lunch guy said...

i m here in Barca now and all i have to say is who needs Stick Reves when i have HungerHunger? i'll let you know how it goes.

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