Monday, August 30, 2010

Borough Market

I enjoyed Borough Market even though it was smaller than I expected and I suspect it's more for tourists than locals. Still, it has a large selection of ready-cooked food, quality meat, fruits and veggies and even a Spanish food supply-shop, Brindisa, that had everything from jamons to paella pans. It is also covered but still has that open market feel and is very pleasant to stroll in. Go in the morning and eat lunch there at the many stalls. Finish with some sangria or fruit juice and then walk to the Thames nearby.  Lucky Londoners. I take back what I said about London. There are some nice places to visit and each has its charm. Just don't compare I suppose.



Delicious-smelling curries that permeated the whole market.


Fresh bacon, so yum. Bacon is hard to find in continental Europe, surprisingly, so it was good just to see some bacon after 2 months of prosciutto. British bacon is very good, just lightly salted and cut not too thick or thin.

Now why didn't I get a can of beans with duck?


And why didn't I try the Melton Mowbray pie which I've read about?

People of Malaysia, rise up and protest the high costs of food! If a corn fed chicken is 6.50 pounds in an upscale market in London, why are we paying 16 pounds for the same thing here??


5 pounds only, an Italian-style lunch of prosciutto, melon, buffalo mozz and tomatoes. So yum!



Golden-colored mushrooms from Romania

Purplish mushrooms too.


Turkish delights always look better than they taste.

Baklavas too.

But not chewy choc brownies, they always taste better than they look.

Rum babas? Now why didn't I try these?

This was a fantastic dip, reminded me of the spices in mango chutney. I must make some rose harissa soon.

A ceramic dish that I wish I bought (big hint).


Milosh said...

Wow, how much money middlemen in mushroom trade must make. Here, in Serbia, mushrooms are much cheaper. Raw chanterelles are 1 Euro/kg, and dried porcinis are 10 Euro/kg.

Chocolate, Cookies & Candies said...

I'm almost always in a rush whenever I get the chance to go to London. After 2 years and a bit living in the UK, I've yet to visit the famed Borough market. I think I need to drag hubby there this Sat.

Anonymous said...

Those rum babas are called canelles in french. They are crusty outside and custard like within - simply lovely!

terri@adailyobsession said...

milosh: gosh, so cheap at the source! hey milosh, share some photos of serbia with hungerhunger's readers! send me some photos?

ccc: it's a nice little market with plenty to see n eat. go and let me see what captured your eyes:)

anon:oh yes, thanx, i searched canele and they look yum! must try making some one day:)

Milosh said...

Terri, my pictures are not good enough to go public with them, but I will direct you to a site that has excellent pictures of Serbia. I hope you like them.
There are more pictures at this address, but not all galleries are of Serbia.

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