Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tate Modern London

London was better on my second visit because it was sunny and warm. Within 3 days however, I had to grab a sweater and a scarf before leaving the house. It was odd that an hour away in the Med the weather was hot and sunny. While walking on Westminster Bridge, the wind whipped us along and it started to rain even though the sun was out too. I was expecting snow too. What crazy weather Londoners have to put up with.

The London Millenuim Footpath is a more beautiful and enjoyable walk across the RIver Thames than the other bridges because it's a pedestrian-only bridge.  The bridge links the area near St Paul's Cathedral to the Tate Modern across the RiverThames.

Nice isn't it, kind of like the glass pyramid in The Louvre, modern juxtapositioned against ancient.

Art ('The Kiss' by Rodin)

Artsy (I'm sure you know this painting. To see it in person was a 'wow' moment for me although surrealism is not my favorite art)

Artsy brilliance--do you see it?

Fartsy (If I cut a blank canvas, will you buy it?)

Fartsy (I just don't get it)


Do you get it?

I get this one. It's "I've got nothing to wear!"

 We spent an interesting 3-hour stroll through the Tate Modern. There are about 4 floors of artsy things and famous paintings. A fantastic art museum, Tate is free but you are encouraged to donate. I highly recommend this place. The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square is another fantastic museum although I was there just briefly. Many famous art work and paintings are kept there and it's free entrance too. London's choices of art and history museums are as good as France's and Italy's.


Feed Me said...

Terri is the first "Artsy" painting by Dali?

Lily Anette said...

I love the National Gallery Museum. London is infact a brilliant city, and definitely a must stop over en route to any Europe cities. Glad you enjoyed your 2nd time around there!

Greg Wee said...

A. Terri, you should have guessed the third one from the last. It's mouth slurping noodle.

terri@adailyobsession said...

feedme: a round of applause! yes, it's his 'metamorphosis of narcissus', something like tt.

lilyann: i think bc the weather was better, it really was much nicer.

gregwee: you are hungry greg but i think you're right:DD

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